Once Upon A Time……


in a land called YO, there lived a tiny avatar named Cougar.  Little Cougar loved to dress up and decorate her homes. Her YO friends kept talking about this far away land called ‘Second Life’ and said to Cougar, “come to Second life.  You would have so much fun dancing, dressing up and decorating a home.  You can even walk and interact with other residents and the best thing Cougar is that you can have T & A.”  But Cougar resisted and stated matter of factly that “Slutty Life” was not for her.

Still, Cougar was intrigued and in time she rezzed into Second Life to see what all the buzz was about.  She was amazed at all the things Second Life had to offer and realized one could be or do anything if only one took the time to learn.  And learn she did, spending hours upon hours in Second Life.  Many of her friends returned to YO never to rezz into Second Life again…but Cougar stayed.

Cougar is Cougar whether here in Second Life or her 1st Life.  We love to dress up (what girl doesn’t), decorate, explore new places and interact with our fellow SLifers but Second Life is so much more than that, if one just takes the time to learn.  Education empowers oneself.  Never stop learning…

This is what this blog is all about…learning.  I will learn and maybe you will learn something too…Classic Cougar Style :)

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