Over the course of almost 3 years in Second Life, I like many others here have amassed a fairly decent amount of items in my inventory…what I affectionately call ‘My Closet’. Though my closet is small compared to some (I once knew a model that had 250K of items in hers), it was getting hard to keep up with.  Group gifts, hunt items, freebies and many shopping sprees made for a very large and unmanageable inventory.
     I dislike clutter and my friends can attest to the fact that I spend a large amount of time working on my closet organizing it.  I also hate to throw anything out but, what is the point of hanging on to something if you are never going to wear it? 
     About 18 months ago I took a real good look at my closet and decided drastic  measures needed to be taken before my closet ran my Second Life. I went through every folder and sub folder.  I tried on everything and took a long hard look at each item.  I asked myself, “Have I ever worn this?  Will I ever wear it again?  What was I thinking when I bought this? Why are you hanging on to this?”  If the answer was negative to any question then items that were transferable went to noobs anything else went in the trash or stored in boxes.  I will admit it was extremely hard the first time I went to hit the delete button on no copy items, but it got easier.
     It took me a week, spending several hours a day to get through my inventory the first time and to be honest it felt liberating to rid myself of all that baggage but, my closet was still overwhelming for me.  I became more aggressive, going through my closet a second and even a third time getting rid of several thousand more items. I kept pieces of clothing such as belts, decorative accessories and the what not.  Stupid I am not.  What I have left in my closet I think, for me, is a very functional wardrobe.  There is room for all the luscious creations that are hitting the stores now.  The voice of George Carlin creeps into me head at this point.  
     I now spend a few minutes everyday I am logged in maintaining my closet and make a point of doing a complete overhaul of it twice a year.  To make that easier, no more hunts unless it is a in store hunt where I shop.  No more rushing out to get every group gift either unless it will be worn more than once in a blue moon. Okay, Okay so every now and then I cave.  I didn’t say I was perfect 😛
     The photo below is of a outfit I have had for just about as long as I have been in SL.  The jeans worn I found in the men’s department because I couldn’t find anything that suited my taste in women’s wear.  I love this outfit just as much now as I did when I was a new resident. The only thing that has been updated is the skin and hair, and that was 2 years ago.  This is one outfit that will never see the trash folder.   TWMA 🙂

Lost Horizon, Azumi


Top : Raquel’s Peasant Blues and White Top – Hudson’s Clothing Co.

Jeans:   Men’s Straight Fit Jeans ‘dark rinse’ – MUISM at EUPHORIA

Boots : Hylda Ankle Boot ‘chocolate’ – Tesla on Marketplace

Jewelry : Necklace & Earrings ‘Soar – Meadow Breeze’
               Wedding Set ‘Mo Chuisle’ – Platinum EarthStones

Hair : Dreamcatcher ‘Black’ – EMO-tions

Nails : Clear Glitter French Pink – CaNDy Nail

Skin : Claire ‘Bronze’ (available in lighter tones only at this time) – Tuli

Belt : Skinny Western ‘Deep Brown’ – Gizza Outlet

Belly Piercing is no longer available