I love to decorate and landscape as much as I love dressing up in the latest fashions.  The first piece of furniture I ever bought was from Pamela Galli’s La Galleria.  It’s been a on going love affair ever since. 
     Pam’s attention to the little details and her use of rich textures are some of the best I have seen in SL. At La Galleria you can find just about every style of furniture from traditional to cottage and everything in between.  The accessories department is chocked full of bric a brac, lamps, pillows, art work and so much more. There is also a rug dept. with many styles to choose from.  In the garden area are fountains, plants, and garden furniture.  Last but not least are the La Galleria Homes.  Here you will find, cabins, cottages, bungalows, contemporaries, beach theme, family, manor and villa homes.  La Galleria is truly a one stop shopping experience. 
     Recently Pam released two sets of white wicker made in mesh and they are showcased on the patio of my home the Rose Mansion.
     The White Wicker Patio Set seats up to four and you have the option of rezzing a variety of meals and floral arrangements, with the option of adding more meals if you are so inclined. The set is versatile enough for the patio or the breakfast room.
My love affair with La GalleriaWhite Wicker Patio Set

     The White Wicker Outdoor Living Set is just as versatile.  There are several seating poses to choose from and a couples pose in the lounger.  The glass coffee table has several rezzing options as well.  Soft muted textures combined with the white wicker on both sets beckons one to slow down, relax and smell the flowers.


My love affair with La Galleria

White Wicker Outdoor Seating Set

     Each set comes with a lovely coordinating rug and ceiling fan and the White Wicker Outdoor Seating Set also comes with a few plants that are used elsewhere on the patio but not shown in the picture. Now here is the best part…the Hostess Set is only 17 LI and the Outdoor Seating Set is only 34LI.  How cool is that?
     FYI, no photo manipulation was used.  A noon setting and light and shadows were enabled, nothing else.  See, I told you Pam’s attention to little details and use of textures were some of the best on the grid :).  TWMA:)


Wall Fountain – La Galleria Large Wall Fountain ‘Black Marble’

Planter – Luna Bliss Window Box Planter 5

**Photos taken at Lost Horizon, Azumi