Me and My Shadow
Lost Horizon, Azumi
To see the uncropped shot click here
I was setting up for a shoot of this pretty little dress and Skippy my Jack Russell kept coming in and out of the picture so I just plopped his butt on a vavoom poser for dogs and included him as well.  He is such a sweety, always looking for attention and never misses a opportunity to make me smile. 
Okay, where was I, oh yeah…this little summer dress.  This gist of the story goes like this…I received  a affiliate package in my inventory by mistake, how my name got on the list I will never know, but I im’ed the creator and after talking with her we got it all straightened out.  I decided to TP over to Amy Fashion and check the place out and found this little mesh dress.  There are several different prints available but I decided on this one and ladies the price is very, very reasonable.  It’s a very simple little dress but what drew me to it is the cut (very flattering for all figures) and the print (sweet and not to busy).  It’s a great piece to include in your spring/summer wardrobe.
Enjoy the link to the song of my blog title, it’s a great listen.  Enjoy!  TWMA 🙂
Dress – Amy Fashion ‘Camy’ White dress
Feet – Gos Boutique Mesh Barefoot flat
Shoes –Gos Boutique Flips Flops ‘grass’
Hair – For some reason having trouble getting the link, but the hair is  from DeLa and is Moelleux.  Gotta love SL 🙂
Nails – Candy Nails Clear Glitter French Pink
Everything else
VKC – ‘Skippy’ Jack Russell Terrier
La Galleria – Green house, potted tulips, daffodils and iris, garden wagon. Inside greenhouse – potting table and stand with pots, house plants.
Weddings by Nienna – Daisy Pots
Alouette – Tall Bird house
SHD – Northern Cardinal Male
Shade Garden Outfitters – Garden Ambience Planter
Dreamscapes – Basket with pots
meadowWorks – Perfect prairie wildflowers