Photographed at Lost Horizon, Azumi
     The model search is on at Truth Hair and this is my entry.  You can find all the details here  for the rules.  
     After TP’ing to the store and getting booted 3 times I was finally able to grab some demos bring them back to my sim and try them on.  Out of the dozen or so hair demos I picked up I settled on 3 styles that I thought would suit me. Since you can’t use hair purchased before May 13th the two I had just gotten before the start of the model search could not be used, but I will showcase them here in another blog post soon.
     I am modeling the ‘Selma’ style in black of course, and do I wear any other color?  Nope 🙂  I decided to let the hair be the focus of this pic with a nod to my Native American heritage. I thought it turned out purdy good, so much so that I did not do any alterations at all to the picture.  Just using a wind light setting and camera settings in ‘Firestorm’.  TWMA 🙂
 Hair – ‘Selma’ Black and Whites – Truth Hair
Jewelry – ‘Belly Diamonds’ White Gold, ‘Cayuse’ necklace  
               Turquoise, ‘Dream Catcher’ earrings Calm Waters
                         ‘Nose Diamond’ White Gold – Chop Zuey
**Native Eagle Feather and Cougar Amulet RIng – NLA