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     About 2 years ago I was landscaping my sim and I was having a problem resizing my plants.  Every time I tried to re size them they looked like a twisted mess.  I asked in one of my groups for any help and Garvie Garzo IM me and I TP’d her to my sim.  We were going through the whole build menu (at that time my building and editing skills were fairly non existent) and Garvie was patient and we finally realized I had unticked stretch both sides.  I felt like such a duffus. 
    So began our friendship.  Come to find out Garvie was a budding builder at the time and had made several flower groupings.  She graciously offered them to me (as a beta tester) and I can say those flowers remain on my sim to this day.  Over time I have added many of her plants to my sim landscaping. 
    I received a box of goodies from Garvie last night and when I opened and rezzed each one I squealed with delight..literally.  This lady has talent and I am so loving her garden sculptures. The following pictures are her exclusive items for the Home & Garden Expo and I can hardly wait for the Expo to open today at 12PM SLT.
   The Home & Garden Expo  features over 100 content creators of furniture, homes, landscaping, etc…The breedables Fair is also included in this Expo with over 30 content creators exhibiting.  There are 10 full sims with 2 of those devoted to the breedables and 1 just devoted to entertainment.  Do plan to attend.  It runs through June 2.
I love garden statuary.  Truly sims would be very dull if not for the lovely plantings and art pieces we find to landscape with.  This is the ‘Crane Sculpture-Steel Corrosion’ and it fits right in with the Asian theme area of Lost Horizon.  I just love how it looks so old, like it’s been there forever.
The ‘Garden Stone’ above was made especially for the entrance to the Expo.  A beautiful bronze medallion with a quote surrounding it from a 1862 horticulture magazine. This would be right at home in any garden.  I chose to place it close to my greenhouse and herb garden.
The ‘Winged Visitor’ has touched down in my garden and I think he is going to stay for quite a while :).  I am so loving this sculpture.  Psst…. you can re size this one from knick knack size to 10 meter size.  But keep in mind the LI will change.  This is a Home & Garden Expo exclusive.
Now for all you petites out there…You got to get this!  This is the sweetest little ‘Garden Patio’ made just for you.  I love the wine cork for the table and the little mouse/rat is so darn cute and you can change the textures on the sofa pillows too.  I am thinking of making up meself as a petite just to sit here:)
The above garden decoration is called ‘Fancy Schmancy Fleurs’ and I think is my favorite.  Maybe it’s because in RL I sew.  This is right at home outside my studio and every now and then butterflies can be seen flying around.  Totally awesome piece and made just for the Expo.
Garvie is in the process of setting up a new meadowWorks store and a meadowWorks Park.  As soon as it is open I will post a link.  Hope to see you at the Expo.  TWMA 🙂