I work a lot on my sim, always tweaking, refining, adding this and that.  Lost Horizon is always a work in progress , kinda like me:)  It will never be truly finished.
     I finally figured out after a few days and headaches to boot how to manipulate my terrain textures without raising or lowering the land on the sim.  I had asked in one of my building groups and was told, yes , it can be done, it just takes patience.  That I have, tenfold lol.  I am pleased with the outcome, so much so that I decided to redo the beach area so it had a more classic flavor. 
     My quest for furniture began in earnest and after depleting all my LM that carried beach furniture, I still hadn’t found what I was looking for.  When you have this idea in your head and you know what you want it is hard to deviate from that…it is for me anyway.  I was not going to settle.  So to the marketplace I went and started a search.  A few things looked promising so I grabbed the TP and away I went.  Well, maybe not so promising.  I was wanting furniture that had decent sits for ladies and I mean lady like sits.  I didn’t want sits that had me spread eagle or laying upside down.  I wanted sits that spoke casual, elegant to a point without being too stiff.  Does that make sense?  Either way I didn’t find anything to my liking so I gave up for the day.
     So day 2 of my search had me going back through my LM.  I decided to stop in at Tartessos Arts because there was a gazebo/arbor structure I wanted to build my seating area around. Granted, it also had a very nice furniture set that you could buy but it just wasn’t quite the effect I was going for.  Thankfully you can buy as a set or buy individual pieces, so I went ahead and bought the structure.  I kept mulling around the store, looking at this and that and then I saw it.  I don’t know how I missed it the first time I was there, but I did.  It did come with a gazebo and as a set but I knew this was the one.  I quickly bought it and took it home anxious to start the redo of the beach area.
The first picture is of the set just as you see it in the store.  It comes with everything shown within the gazebo including the gazebo itself.  You can either purchase copy or transfer.  I went for the copy, as you see, I had this picture in my mind.
Far and Away
 Tartessos Arts Coastline Set
The picture below is of the finished beach seating area as I envisioned it.  I am really happy with it. Dusty and I now have a place to entertain friends or be by ourselves on the beach.  The female sits are to my liking and I have a new place to sit while I work on my inventory lol.  While I was not looking for couple animations, the bonus is that it has very nice cuddles, kisses and…and…yeah those too:). Lesbian menu can be found inside this set as well.  Some I have not seen before and  let me tell you, we have a lot of couples animations on this sim lol.   Okay…maybe you didn’t need to know that last bit 🙂 The Pergola/Gazebo is from the ‘Mediterranean’ set and can be found at Tartessos.  Oh!  I almost forgot..the drapes can be opened and closed on this structure.
Far and Away
I will mention that although the set I bought was copy, the armchair only was not.  A minor disappointment seeing I wanted 2 armchairs…because I did have this vision:)   After contacting ‘Nico Griffith’  the creator I was able to get another and it  was such a pleasure doing business with him. Take the TP to the store and have a look see.  Psst, there is a bathroom to die for there and I still use mine to this day. 
I also found a new store for beach plants in my marketplace search.  I am so loving Tiki Tattoo palm plantings in mesh.  I picked up several for the redo. 
The palm trees themselves are by HeadHunters.  A place I go back to again and again.
The sand texture is by Heart Garden.  I love the ripple effect in the sand, like it has been windblown.  Very natural looking I think. TWMA 🙂
PS:  I forgot to tell you about the rug on the floor.  It is called ‘Zen Escape’ and you can find it at Zen and SerenityThe ‘ceiling fan’ from La Galleria