Call Me Cougar

When I first came to Second Life you didn’t have the option of choosing your last name…well that is not quite true.  When you were setting your account up you got a list of random last names to choose from.  Then some time after that (a few months I think) you had to choose numbers and those were added to your name, and then the ever popular ‘resident’ was added.  With the advent of having a display name peeps can call themselves pretty much what ever they want and a last name has taken on a whole new meaning. Some have made me pause and scratch my head and say to myself “What were they thinking” or ‘I don’t get it’? Over the course of these last 3 years I have done that a lot and with just a few well chosen words placed in search (come on you know you want to, I dare you 🙂 or maybe you already have) you can bring up a plethora of colorful and inventive names.  Alas, (big sigh here) I am not that inventive.

So how did I come by the name Cougar Sangria?

Cougar is my real nickname.  It’s my animal totem, my guide through life be it SL or RL 1st Life.  A totem can come to you in a dream or maybe it’s an animal that you see often day-to-day.  Your totem can even appear in person like mine did at the tender age of 6.  Most go through life never knowing what their animal totem is but being Native American it is important to me and a part of my heritage.  My animal totem and I are so much alike that sometimes it is hard to tell us apart… Psst…I am the one with just 2 legs :P.

Now where did Sangria come from?  No, I did not choose it because I like wine (though I do) :P.  Explanation> The first part of my last  name means ‘blood’ and the last part is a loose translation (I did say loose) of ‘royal’. Put together it means ‘blood royal’.   With two Cherokee Chiefs in my family tree the last name ‘Sangria’ totally fits.  See, not so inventive, but I sure am glad I logged into Second Life when I did.  Who knows I may have decided on ‘Cougar69’ or ‘sexyCougarbootae’….I DON’T THINK SO!  TWMA 🙂


Hair – Truth – ‘Virginie’  Raven

Jewelry – EarthStones – ‘Classic Romance Necklace’ Garnet/Silver, ‘Pearl Stud Earrings’ Classic White Pearl , ‘Trina Ring’ Garnet

Top – coldLogic – ‘Clark’ White

Pants – Elate! – ‘Elle Jeans’ Dark

Lips – Blacklace Beauty – Pout Gloss

Eyeshadow – Amacci – ‘Jill 3’ Hunt Gift 2012

Pose – aDORKable – ‘Blooms 1’  flower bouquet included – Gacha Arcade June Round