I remember those days as a noob very well…..like it was yesterday.  Okay, okay, so I still act like a noob sometimes:)  Don’t we all?  It was a major undertaking to dress myself.  I walked liked a chicken and walking in a straight line or maneuvering stairs was a major feat. Opening a simple box was no simple task.  Hopping on a dance pad found me some where out in space and time and when I did get it right it was a miracle I could get off the dang thing.  It took me a bit to figure out one should stop dancing before TPing anyplace else.  There were times I would hit a TP by mistake, in various states of undress, only to be embarrassed to the core.  I have yet to show my face at those places again.   My skills at editing clothes were non exisitant…jewelry buried into my avie, hair not fitted properly and shoes that did not fit right.  And questions….noobs are full of questions.

What’s a AO?  Can you explain what a footbase is? Okay, I bought this outfit, now how do I put it on?  I am sure every time I pinged my sis Wendz, she was on the other end…deep sigh, rolling her eyes saying “oh god, what does she want now”.   You know I could actually feel her frustration (in IM)  the day I asked her about how to find something in my inventory.  She politely sent me a LM (that means…..don’t bother me I am busy)  What is this I said?  “It’s a builders group Cougar. They can help you there, more than I”.  Little did I know that sis had very little organizational skills at the time herself:P   Off to HAPPY HIPPOS I went.  I scanned the classes offered and found the ‘Managing Your Inventory’. That one class changed my SLife.

I don’t know about other noobs but I was eager to learn anything and everything I could about Second Life and how to get around in this virtual world.  Little did sis know that she had created a monster that day.  I took classes on everything after taking that one class.  Another friend introduced me to CALEDON OXBRIDGE UNIVERSITY (highly recommend for noobs).  There I learneded things like editing your appearance, making a notecard (hey that is hard for a noob), working on your profile and picks, introduction to Role Play, relationships in SL ( yes, they offered a class on that too), how to buy and rent land, spending your lindens wisely and most importantly basic etiquette in SL.   I take classes  regularly at BUILDERS BREWERY.  Through these groups I have met some awesome peeps that in time have become friends.

I can proudly say that now I can walk a fairly straight line…I still have issues with stairs sometimes lol.  I can take apart a outfit and edit the hell out of it and I can edit a AO.  It’s still a learning process but the important thing is I am still learning.   I know noobs can be frustrating, a pain in the arse if truth be known and I keep a folder of landmarks in my inventory just for noobs that IM me with questions.  I tell them if you are really interested in learning your way around Second Life take some classes and become informed, then hit me up for a friend request:P  TWMA:)

Places I recommend for learning about Second Life:  (In no particular order)

Caledon University

Builders Brewery

Happy Hippos


Top – erratic – Mindy t-shirt Navy

Shorts – Jane – everyday shorts eggshell

Hair – Dr. Life Healthy Hair – Pure2


Sculpted Noob! and Book: basic etiquette for noobs – available on the MarketPlace