Yes those are carrots in our hands….Don’t ask and I ain’t telling 🙂  Thanks to Wendz Tempest for sharing her collection of pics from YO.  What a walk down memory lane.

I was just a tiny avie in the land of YO having fun dressing up, visiting my friends, decorating and working in the factory for YO coins to spend in the stores.  Sometimes a few of us would dress up in our Playgirl Bunny costumes and go hangout at Alton Towers ( an apartment complex) and raise a little cain, as best we could, looking like a bunch of 6 year olds.  It reminds me of little girls dressing up in their mothers clothes.  Once or twice a week some of us would get together and wait for new items to show up in the stores and then rush out to be the first to buy and then show them off to each other.   A bunch of women (and a few guys) cracking jokes, doing the uber (the one and only dance I think available to us), and just being all round goofballs.  Good times.  But a change was in the air…

At first there was just a post of a pic here and there of people dressed in amazing clothes, dancing in clubs, riding large white tigers, driving cars, decorated homes and some of the most intriguing locations I  had ever seen. The place was called Second Life.  What the heck is Second Life? I asked.  “Oh Cougar you should come.  You would have so much fun dressing up and decorating homes.  You can actually walk in SL Cougar and you can have boobs and a butt.”  Well I could see that by the pics posted lol but I was perfectly happy in the land of YO, doing my thing and so I resisted.

Soon my Facebook page was plastered with pictures of Second Life and comments about how much fun this or that was.  Our bi-weekly meeting turn out was down as several had gone over to the ‘Slutty Life’ lol.  It was lonely in YO without my friends and got to the point where I just had to go see what this Second Life place was all about.  So I talked to one of my friends and got the 411 on rezzing into SL.   Or I thought I got the 411.

The first time I was approached about having ‘that which will remain unnamed’ I was terrified. Staring at the IM I just couldn’t believe what I was reading.  My hands shook, I am sure my breathing increased and yes, I was on the verge of hyperventilating.  Is this for real? I asked myself.  None of my friends ever said anything about this aspect of SL.  You could actually do that here?  What kind of place was this anyway?  I looked around for a place to hide…my options were limited so I did the next best thing, I hit the exit button.    I had second thoughts about even logging back into SL, as I had no desire to explore this side of SL.  I just wanted to dance and dress up and decorate a house lol.  I will admit that my curiosity was piqued though. It was a interesting concept.  I had to know, so I logged back in.

First thing on my list…IM my sis Wendz and get the truth lol.  I felt like a total and complete ‘DA’ that day as my sis explained the birds and the bees according to SL.  I am sure my face turned a few shades of red as well, but at least I was armed with all the information I needed in case I was approached again.  Now I won’t go into any details, I am not a kiss and tell kinda gal:P, but as you can see I am still here.

I have come to realize that relationships in SL are not the easiest.  I could go on and on about the good, the bad and ugly side of them.  Instead I will direct you to  blisswindlows blog where she writes a section on SL relationships.  The interviews are a good read and thought-provoking.  What I have learned about SL relationships from my friends experiences and my own is…be honest and up front about what you want your SL to be, do no harm ( this one tends to be overlooked, a lot,and yes I forgot this at one time), accept responsibility for your actions (and I mean both parties involved), and the most important lesson….1st life comes first and foremost, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  Wishing you everything you want your SL to be .  TWMA 🙂

Ode to Yo

Post Script:  While most of the friends that brought me here to SL have returned to YO I have stayed.  I am quite addicted to SL and spend most of my time on Lost Horizon honing my skills and spending time with my partner of 2 years.  I love to shop (don’t think that will ever change lol) but I love to learn, more than anything and there is always something to learn which in turn keeps me coming back for more.  The above photo is my swan song to days gone by in the land of YO Second LIfe style 🙂

Credits :

Hair: A&A – Wendy Hair 1

Cuffs, Collar: Hucci – Cocktail Bunny Accessories On MarketPlace

Bunny Tail: Angel Dessous – Group Gift April 2011

Playboy Bunny Outfit & Bunny Ears: Lusty on MarketPlace – Play Bunny

Stockings: Cipher – High Waist Pantyhose

Shoes: Juicy – Classic Pump Black

Jewelry: Earthstones – Mo Chuisle Bridal Set Platinum

Nails: Candy Nail – Magic of Witch Red

Sunglasses: Rotten Toe – MarketPlace

Carrot: I can’t remember where I picked this up lol.  I think it was in some refrigerator in a home I was touring while I was looking to buy my first home.  Lord, that seems like eons ago:)