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I love my flexi/prim dresses.  There is something about the way the prims move when I walk, dance or just stand there that appeals to me.  You can’t get that in mesh.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love mesh and think it is the best thing since they invented Dr. Pepper, but you have to admit that mesh does have its limitations…for now lol.

I will continue to seek out flexi ball gowns, dresses and tops as long as creators keep making them and IF system clothing and prims should go by the wayside I am not going to fret about it.  I have a closet full of classic pieces to fall back on and you can bet this Chickie will wear them for a long time to come because classic never goes out of style.

This little sundress is another favorite.  It’s a very simple style but the pintucks and ruffles are what caught my eye.  I chose to wear both skirt versions together cause I am a hopeful romantic and ruffles are so girly girl.  It is all in the details…..TWMA 🙂

Designers :

Hair – Vanity Hair – Candice

Jewelry – EarthStones – Butterfly Necklace ‘Whisper’  , Caged Pearl Studs ‘White Gold’

Dress – Hanamachi –  White Cami Dress

Shoes – GOS  Boutique – Lolita Espadrilles ‘White’