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Chain by Baiastice   Photographed at Lost Horizon, Azumi

Chain by Baiastice     Location – Lost Horizon, Azumi  Private Region

Whoa!  3 posts  in 3 days. I am on a roll !  I have gotten to the point where I can manuever around my dash board with some degree of familiarity and it’s been a challenge taking photographs in the Firestorm viewer so much so that I down loaded several other viewers to try them out just for that purpose.  I think Singularity at this point is the viewer that works for me when taking pics, and my computer seems to like it too.

Okay on to the purpose of this post….

I was perusing the blogs on Second Life when I came across one by ‘thostinsl’. The kini she was blogging about was really cute and it was mesh.  Out of the 40 or so kini’s in my closet, none are mesh, so, taking the link to ‘Summerfest 13’ I grabbed a demo and  while there took a look see at all the other designers and picked up some of their demos as well.  Out of all those demos the one from Baiastice was my choice and  I bought three different colors. Sorry, it’s like a lay’s potato chip…I can’t stop at just one 🙂

Chain by Baiastice back view

Chain by Baiastice     Location – Lost Horizon, Azumi  Private Region

Now the kini is rather simple in it’s cut…can we say most of it is cut away 😛   The chain at the bust line and at the top of the thong bottom add just enough, for want of a better word, interest.   Simple and understated…a classic.  TWMA 🙂

Designers :

Hair : Vanity Hair ‘Sunset Blvd.V.2’

Jewelry : PurpleMoon ‘Kenya Earrings – Bronze’

              EarthStones – ‘Diamond Bangles- Gold’

                                    ‘Belly Diamonds – Gold’

Kini : Baiastice ‘Chain Bikini – Black’