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Lazin Beachside   Location: Lost Horizon, Azumi

Lazin Beachside     Location: Lost Horizon, Azumi

I have been working on the beach area of Lost Horizon, making it a tad bigger. The waves now wash over the sand and you can actually walk in the water without immediately sinking to the bottom lol.  Plans are on the table to put in an underwater feature at some point, but not today.  Today I am being lazy.

Being a gacha addict, among other addictions, I wanted to show off the sweet hammock Alouette made for the June round of the Arcade Gacha Event. It comes with a set of its own palm trees but I chose instead to use palms that were already planted on my beach.

Went shopping this past weekend and picked up these pants over at the Gypset Market. They are the Lulu pants by PurpleMoon.  Comes with a HUD to make 3 color options and only 90 Lindens.  That’s a bargain ladies. Join the group and grab a set. The top nelson by coldLogic compliments them perfectly. It makes for an easy relaxed style for those lazy days.  OH Look!  I gots short hair goin on today 🙂   It’s EMO-tions Anna.

Though you can’t see it very well I am wearing the Infinity necklace by EarthStones which is a group gift.  I didn’t catch that until post processing. Will have to figure out what went wrong there.   Okay…back to my swangin. TWMA 🙂

Wearing :

Hair : EMO-tions – ‘Anna’

Top : coldLogic – ‘nelson’ cream

Pants : PurpleMoon for Gypset Market  – ‘Lulu’

Jewelry : EarthStones – ‘Infinity’ necklace group gift, ‘Brilliant’ Diamond Stud


             hoorenbeek  – ‘Hank Leather Bracelet’ giftie

Home & Garden

Hammock : Alouette for Arcade Gacha Event – Tropical Getaway

Plant : Organica – Elephant ear