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Lost Horizon, Azumi

Lost Horizon, Azumi      (Azumi in Japanese means ‘safe residence’)  

It has always been a goal of mine to have a region of my own.  A place I could go to and just relax, work on my closet, my building techniques and decorate to my hearts content.

‘Lost Horizon’ on the region Azumi is my home in Second Life and it was named after one of my favorite books/movies.  A place of peace and tranquility, of green valleys nestled in between snow capped mountains, minus the snow though…cause I don’t do cold very well 🙂 but you get the idea I hope, if, you listened to the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

It is strange how one can become so attached to pixels but I am hopelessly attached.  In the coming weeks I will be sharing more pictures of this place Dusty and I call home.  ‘Lost Horizon’ is never quite finished as I am always removing or adding something as my skills improve or I get a wild hair up my assets lol.

For now ‘Lost Horizon’ is a private region.  Maybe one day I will open it up to the public for a short while but I am not sure.  In the meantime you are welcome to IM me if you would like to take a tour of the region.  I would like that 🙂   TWMA 🙂