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I can be just as Redneck as anyone but I’m gonna do it with my assets covered.  Do you know how hard it is to find a denim skirt that is just the right length ?  It was a long, hard search but finally at ‘Legal Insanity‘ I found THE SKIRT.  Two thumbs up for this new hair from ‘Truth’. Comes with a HUD that has several options for the hat.   The lace top (yep my favorite fabric) I picked up a few months back at ‘Chemistry‘. The boots are from ‘J’s‘. These took a while to find way back when but well worth it.  I just love the fringe trim and true to my nickname (compliments of my sis Wendz), Miss Fatty Packs, I have them in all colors 🙂

It didn’t take me very long to throw this outfit together and head to PCS and try it out on the dance floor.  If it doesn’t move with me in all the right places into the trash it goes…but not this baby.  Classic pieces will stand the test of time.   This outfit will be just as fresh a year from now. YAY !!! for great designs and the best thing is that all these mesh clothes fit on my basic everyday shape:)  YeeHaw!!!

Belly Up to the Bar

Belly Up to the Bar

Now Pure Country Saloon is a place near and dear to my heart.  I met my SL partner/husband Dusty there.  GW, Katalina and the PCS family are always warm and welcoming too.  It’s just a great place to kick back, get your country on and noob friendly.  Try your luck on a broncing buck named Cyclone, take a sightseeing tour on a scooter or bicycle or better yet summon a bald eagle and take a tour from the air.  You can take a canoe ride around the place, sit by a campfire or maybe find the tent for two up in the tree.  There is a workout area upstairs where you can take your frustrations out on a punching bag, or maybe if you don’t want to break a sweat, playing a game of Simon or just sitting in a rocker whiling away the hours is more your style.  There is also a kiss pose upstairs for taking pics.

Stop on by, have a beer and take a turn or two on the dance floor.  You just might see me dancing on the bar 🙂  TWMA 🙂


Shopping List :

Hair : Truth – ‘Jill’ Black

Top : Chemistry – ‘Echo Tank Top’ White Lace

Skirt : Legal Insanity – ‘Minnie Jeans Skirt’ Blue

Boots : J’s – ‘Fringe Cowgirl Boots’ Red

Jewelry : EarthStones -‘Aculo Necklace and Bracelet’  Group Gift