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Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great…Cher

Location - Frank's Elite Jazz Club

Location – Frank’s Elite Jazz Club


I have always been a fan of the amazing “Cher”.  You just gotta love those outlandish costumes and her attitude towards life in general and the lady can sing and act.  Sorry Madonna, Gaga, Beyoncé and all you other wannabes…though you are good, you pale in comparison.

I decided to go to Frank’s Elite Jazz Club this week and try lol to take some pictures of the outfit I am wearing.  Let me tell you it was no easy task considering that Frank’s is almost always packed with peeps.  I had a few issues at first getting everything on me to rez for the shot and I wasn’t sure if I would crash or not what with setting my graphics the way I wanted them.  I had to be very patient to get the fireworks that were going off, the champagne bubbles and the signage that kept scrolling and I had to have Cher in the picture 🙂  The shot turned out nicely I think.

So, as the sign in the picture states, there is a Cher concert Friday the 12th, from 8PM to 10PM SLT at Frank’s.  This is part of the ‘Elite Cuts’.  Get there early and cop a squat.  I have been to these Friday night concerts and they are not to be missed.  Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I will be there for this one as well.

It bears mentioning that Maitreya is having a sale that started on the 4th of July and continues for 2 weeks.  As it stated in the NC I received, the last sale was 3 years ago, so this doesn’t happen often.  What are you waiting for?  GO, GO, GO 🙂  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List :

Hair : EMO-tions – ‘Tyra’ Black

Dress : Maitreya – ‘Evening Mignon’ Silver-Blue

Shoes : GOS Boutique – ‘Grace’ Silver

Jewelry : Lazuri – ‘Enchanted Diamond Set’

Evening Clutch : COCO – ‘Satin Clutch’ Silver