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La Galleria's Rose Mansion

La Galleria’s Rose Mansion

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

I never tire of coming to SL and spending most of my time on Lost Horizon.  It brings me great joy to while away the hours endlessly creating outfits to wear, taking care of my menagerie, decorating my home, landscaping to my heart’s content, taking photographs and working on my blog.

I haven’t lived in many houses here in SL.  Rose Mansion was my second purchase and for the last two+years it has been home.  It hasn’t always looked like it does now though.  Kudos to Pamela Galli of La Galleria for making her homes modify.

The photo below is how Rose Mansion looked before I began the remodel. These are old photos and don’t really do the homes justice.  But I am improving 🙂

Rose Mansion

Rose Mansion                  Click here for a MP Description – It’s much better

It is a lovely home as is but Dusty and I were craving something more rustic.

I will back track a bit here.  Before we got our region we lived on a homestead and primage was at a premium what with my decorating and horse addiction, so I removed the Rose Mansion for a while and in its place put up the ‘Blue Ridge Cabin’ also from La Galleria.

Blueridge Cabin

Blue Ridge Cabin             Click here for MP description with better photos

We fell in love with the feeling of warmth and coziness the Blue Ridge oozed. But it did put a damper on my decorating lol.

Once we moved to a full region the Rose Mansion went right back up.  Still, something was missing and it wasn’t until I was talking to a friend about modifying our home and that I was looking for something more along the lines of a mountain lodge that everything fell into place.  This friend was telling me about a home that might be what I was looking for.  I was sent a TP and there stood a La Galleria home just one room shy of the Rose Mansion which had the look and feel we so desperately wanted.

My mind went into overdrive and I thought if I could just get my hands on the same textures that were used in the Blue Ridge Cabin just maybe I could turn the Rose Mansion into the home of our dreams.  I contacted Pam and being gracious as ever she sent me the textures I asked for.  Now that is customer service people!

To work I went remodeling Rose Mansion.  Now mind you it took messing up the house completely and having to rez another before I got it the way I saw it in my mind.  Parts of Rose Mansion were removed and in their place went pieces of the Blue Ridge Cabin.  Most of the walls inside were retextured with wood. The floors and cathedral ceilings were left original and the roof was extended just a tad to accommodate the wood pillars.

Now I am no builder by any means and I just want to say I have great respect and admiration for those that are. I can only imagine the time and patience it takes to build a home or anything for that matter from scratch.  I am in awe of every one of you.

Rose Mansion is completely redone inside and out . We are ecstatic with the results and to be honest don’t see us buying another home unless Pam decides to make this house in mesh.  Hint, hint 🙂  TWMA 🙂