PurpleMoon Lolita - One of a Kind Color

PurpleMoon Lolita – One of a Kind Color

Back in March I went to the RMH2 (Ronald MacDonald House 2) auction.  All monies raised benefit families with children who are receiving treatment in hospitals.  There are currently 322 RMH in 52 countries and regions. They provide over 7,200 bedrooms around the world each night.  It is a worthy cause.

Poulet of PurpleMoon releases Limited Editions on special occasions and I have never been able to get one, not for lack of trying though.  When I spied this gown up for auction I could not pass up the opportunity to bid knowing full well my bid would not hold up.  What ensued was a bid war of sorts and when my bid was returned (it was a silent auction), I would just up the ante.  I did not know who was bidding against me, but I was prepared to deplete my bank account if need be. As you can see I was persistent and the bank statement somehow disappeared 🙂

Lolita in Blue - One of a Kind Color

Lolita in Blue –

I really had a hard time selecting a hair for this outfit.  All of the up do’s in my closet just didn’t seem to coordinate.  Nixed the longs as I really wanted to show the bodice of this gown and finally settled on this short do from Emo-tions.  Just a necklace from Lazuri is all this gown needed to complete the look. Earrings just did not look well with this hairstyle.

While this specific color is not available 🙂 it does come in six other varying shades that are just as lovely.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List :

Hair : EMO-tion’s – ‘Saskia’ Black

Jewelry : Lazuri – ‘Lolita Paragorn’

Gown : PurpleMoon ‘Lolita’

Pose : Manifeste – Model 201

Post Script : Photographs shot on location at the Second Life Botanical Gardens using wind light and nothing more.