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I believe in God, only I call it nature…Frank Lloyd Wright

Lost Horizon Southeast garden view

Lost Horizon Southeast garden view

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It is no great secret that I prefer the outdoors.  It is in my blood, this love of nature. Some of my best thinking comes from working in my garden, whether it be in 1st life or 2nd Life.

There is no rhyme or reason to the layout of the gardens. It is a mish mash of styles thrown together and thankfully it seems to work. Mother nature does know best 🙂

Sitting areas abound along with swings, and hammocks to just sit and veg out while working on my closet, blog or chatting with friends.

Sitting area - south side

For Bumblebee – Sitting area south side

There are times when I want nothing more than to just listen to the music of nature.  Crickets playing a tune, birds singing and the bees buzzing about is soothing to the soul.  Lost Horizon is home to a plethora of animal species and if you listen carefully you can hear the call of a hooty owl.  Monarch butterflies are in abundance here as they hold a special meaning to me.  I sit and watch them as they float silently on air and all my cares drift away.

North side

North side

Weeping willows, pines, birches, chestnuts, stately oaks, laurel and lilac trees have set their roots deep here.  Wildflowers, roses, lavender, irises and my favorite…daisies are all in attendance and vie for your attention.  Most would call it an old fashion garden but maybe a better word is heirloom garden. Yeah, I like that word better 🙂 Color is everywhere you look.

Back yard and gardens

Back yard and gardens

This is where Dusty and I come to seek peace and relax.  We are kinda home bodies and that suits us just fine.  Why would anyone want to leave all this anyway ?  TWMA 🙂

Larger photographs have been loaded here.  The better to see the little things 🙂 and I will attempt to list every designer still in business that was used in the making of our garden. 

Credits :

All trees except where noted are from Heart Garden.  All wildflowers are from MeadowWorks except where noted and Garvie said she has cookies waiting but BYOB 🙂

1st Photo

Hammock : Digs Furniture and PreFabs

Fountain : La Galleria – Old Carved Stone Round Fountain

Rocks : Heart Garden

Birdhouse : Limehouse Textures – Home Show 2013 Gift

2nd Photo

Adirondack Chairs : The Dreamer Creations

Large/Medium Clay Flower Pots : Dream Scapes Decor

Small CLay Pot : La Galleria – Violets

Book : [Hate This] HQ – Gardening Books

Glasses : RavenSOng – Sculpted Glasses

Oolong Teacup Planter , sky : ARIA – Arcade Gacha Event June 2013 Round

tea time tin with flowers : -tb- Arcade Gacha Event March 2013 Round

Fabric songbird Red : vespertine – Arcade Gacha Event June 2013 Round

Knitted Stuffed Bee : The Domineaux Effect

Monarch Butterfly : Lolo Pets

Statue : MeadowWorks – The Winged Visitor

Sim Surround : Heart Garden

3rd Photo

Garden Bench Deluxe : EarthDwellings

Garden Statue : MeadowWorks – Ancient Astrolabe Ornament

Birth Bath : La Galleria

Bird Houses : Hanaya – Style E

Roses : Heart Garden – Potted Rose Arch ‘White’, Classic Climbing Rose Group ‘Pink’

4th Photo

Garden Statue : St@rt Gold Art Sculpture Gallery – The Hope Angel

Bridge 2 : QB Yiyuan – Asian Style Bridge, Japanese

Lilac Tree : Heart Garden

Post Script : You can also find Garvie’s lovely creations here at her Market Place Shop as she is still in the process of putting things together at her new location.