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Work at the same time on sky, water, branches, ground, keeping everything going on an equal basis…don’t be afraid of putting on color…Paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is best not to lose the first impression…Camille Pissarro

Rose Mansion Front View

Rose Mansion Front View  click HERE for Larger Pictures

The first time I laid eyes on a Pamela Galli home I had a feeling of coming home.  It was unfortunate that I was just shopping for furniture, having purchased a home already.  But that first impression has stuck throughout my three + years in Second Life.

When the time came for a bigger home a couple of years back I headed over to La Galleria and made a beeline for the Rose Mansion vendor and made my purchase. The complete floor plan of the home is 50 x 45 and 50 x 55 if you add the pool that is included.  Prim count is 164, add 5 to that for the pool. To be honest the house is not that big compared to others I have seen.  A great room, dining room, kitchen, media room, and one other multi purpose room coupled with the front porch, back deck and the side patio completes the first floor area.  The master bedroom and bath with a large balcony area comprises the upstairs area.  Big enough for two but could accommodate 3-4 people without feeling cramped.

I do not know what other builders include in their homes but Pam added, light fixtures, a fireplace, curtains, ceiling fans, planters with roses and more roses to plant around Rose Mansion. An optional loft is included as well.  Then there are the other extras like stair pieces, railings, an arbor, and optional roof top snow for winter.

Pam’s houses are modify so you can get totally creative and really make her homes one of a kind.  Like the front walk leading up to the door, it was included in the box. I removed the roses and planted several different species of flowers.  Taking pieces from the side courtyard I placed those in front of the walkway and then sunk American and Canadian flag poles. Being a fan of wind chimes they are placed at entrances to the home and surrounding area.  The garden flag has so many options for seasons and holidays you won’t ever need another but then again maybe yes lol 🙂  Celtic stepping-stones sunk into the walkway round out the entrance.

Front Door Close Up

Front Entry Close Up

The front entry stone archways were removed and wood columns placed in their stead giving the home a more rustic feel. The combination of wood and stone blends well together.  The stained glass doors and sidelights are a favorite of mine

A stone tile with the word ‘Failte’ meaning welcome in Celtic is placed above the door with a Celtic tree of life  plaque hung on the wall.  Several potted plants and flowers stand in attendance while a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired welcome mat announces your arrival.

Front Porch

Front Porch

To the right of the front door/porch is a sitting area where time is well wasted sipping tea, listening to my personal music stream or the sounds of nature. The wicker chairs and table are part of a set.  While the chairs have a menu chocked full of printed fabrics I chose to recover in a solid linen weave just recently.  The beauty of it is that one can go back to the menu and choose an original fabric if desired. There are several wicker colors to choose from too. The little glass top table is actually larger when rezzed, it has just been shrunk down.  It also has options for different metal trims.  Again, potted plants are placed close to bring nature within reach.

I encourage you to join the subscriber group for La Galleria.  Once a week a note card is sent out with latest releases on sale and Pam usually includes a copyable gift free you can pick up at her store. Customer service is first-rate and you won’t be disappointed with your purchases.   TWMA 🙂


1st Photo

Home : La Galleria – Rose Mansion

Walkway Planter Plants : Heart Garden – devils bottle brush, black eyed susan, poppies, wild garlic mustard, wild fairy wand, wild flowers

Depoz – Lavender

Garden Flag : SkyHigh Designs – all occasion flag with pole  (Located in the Holiday building)

Celtic Stepping Stones : Tin Teddy

Arbor Swing : October Designs – No longer in business

Hanging Lilac Blossoms : Depoz … plant hanger is not included as I took apart     another plant and added it

Adirondack Chair : The Dreamer Creations

Flowers in yard : meadowWorks – perfect prairie pack

Wind chime : La Galleria – Springtime wind chime with on/off sound – subscriber gift

Climbing Ivy : Part of Rose Mansion I just moved it

Climbing Morning Glory : Heart Garden

Trees – Heart Garden

2nd Photo

Welcome mat : Not Available

Above Door :  Cherry Crabgrass – ‘Failte’ welcome sign

Left Side of door :

Red Rose Topiary : Heart Garden

Potted flowers : La Galleria – Potted Iris, Tulips, Daffodils, violets – subscriber gifts

Right Side of door :

Daisy Wreath : La Galleria – subscriber gift

Plant Stand with 3 potted flowers : La Galleria – subscriber gift

Potted Poppies : Heart Garden

Basket : C&D Designs – The Gardener’s basket

Milk Jug Snake Plant : Chicks Inc. – The TP to the store left me in the air and         MarketPlace is not showing it.

Flower pots 5 – Dreamscapes Decor

3rd Photo

Seating Set : Maven’s – 5 piece rattan chairs and table set

Tea set : Robin Sojourner – Classic White

Summer Garden Carved Swan Planter : Finishing Touches – Part of the Cookie Jar’s Annual Summer Garden Party – join group

Plant Stand with 3 blue pots : La Galleria – subscriber gift

Lilac and Twigs Pottery Crock : A&A – Part of the Cookie Jar’s Annual Summer         Garden Party – join group

Plumeria Plant with White Flowers – [AG]