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Ladies Toilet3

Tartessos Arts Bath          Click HERE for larger image

Growing up in the hills of Kentucky I can remember as a child taking a bath in an old metal wash tub as we had no indoor plumbing.  Water drawn from a well was heated on a stove that had seen better days but amazingly it still worked. The wash tub was placed in close proximity to the coal stove in winter so we wouldn’t catch a chill and in warmer months baths were taken on the back porch. The good old days ?  Nah, just dirt poor lol.

I had an Auntie who would take me home with her to spend a week or two several times a year.  There was indoor plumbing at her house and bathing consisted of a bath with a few drops of perfumed oils. Afterwards she brought out a round box of powder that smelled heavenly and she would take the fluffy puff and cover me from head to toe with the stuff. Wearing a long ruffly gown I would climb into bed and after tucking me in she would read me to sleep.  I truly felt pampered. These precious memories are tucked away and played over and over when I take a notion for a bath, which I do quite often in Second Life.

When I happened upon this bathroom almost 3 years ago from Tartessos Arts a feeling of peaceful serenity washed over me. Nico Griffith has done such an amazing job with this bathroom.  The lines are clean, simple and would be at home in a multitude of decors.  It is chocked full of cuddles, kisses and M/F, M/M and F/F sex animations.  Whoops, I said the WORD.  Bathing animations for single or couples round out the menu. There is a double sink and shower with loaded menus as well.  A toilet with animations rounds out the fixtures. The accessory package includes lotions, shower gels, razors, mirrors etc. Being a creature of habit, the bath is decked out with perfumed oils, hand milled lavender soap, fluffy towels and scented candles for bathing by moonlight.

My closet is chocked full of bra and pantie sets, garter belts, corsets, stockings and the like but a simple chemise or the peignoir I am wearing from Montagne Noire Clothiers & Furnishings is more my style.  While Victorian in design, classic lines give it a romantic air and lace sleeves may have been a factor when I purchased it lol.  A bonnet, pantaloons and a long sleeve high neck version are also included. I am wearing the pearl and it is available in ivory, black and a bloody version for RP too.

Oh…the rubber ducky is included in the accessories package of the bath.  He floats happily, always reminding me to never take life to seriously… Second Life or 1st life. TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List

Furnishings :

Bath : Tartessos Arts – TA Magnetism

Candle in prism : La Galleria

Oils & Sponges : The Zen & Serenity Shop

Coral Sculpted Flower in Pot : La Galleria

Wicker Soap Dish : La Galleria

Basket of Seashells : La Galleria

Stack of Ivory Towels : La Galleria

Laundry Basket : KD Tropicals – No longer inworld

Large Orchid : EarthDwellings – Orchid Vase ‘Drippy’


Hair : =DeLa*= Mesh Hair – Natalie Blacks

Peignoir : Montagne Noire – Le Peignoir Pearl

Feet : GOS Boutique – Barefeet arched

Pose : aDORKable – My Hair Dork Pack