Agnes Finney for My Precious

Agnes Finney for My Precious  ‘Serene Romance 2’

When it comes to Agnes Finney My Precious I, much like Gollum, am one possessed.  “We wants it.  We needs it.  Must have the precious.”

The first fashion show I ever attended was Agnes Finney and I  remember sitting there and drooling at all the luscious creations that came down the catwalk, each one more beautiful than the last. She had me hook, line and sinker from that day on.  It became a goal to have as many Agnes Finney designs I could afford.

I noticed in a group chat the other day that someone had deleted all her system clothing from her closet, going exclusively to mesh.  OMG!  OMG!  Looks at my collection of Agnes Finney, eyes glaze over, reaches out lovingly and caresses each piece and whispers, “That will never happen to you my precious. You belong to me, me, meeeeeeeeeeeeee! FOREVER!!!!!!  Cackles with glee.

Snaps back to reality or is it virtuality ?

Sadly, it has been quiet at Agnes Finney for sometime now.  The store is still there, you can still make purchases but the last releases were her mesh pieces when mesh was new.  No group notices have been forth coming either.   I keep going back often as there are still a few pieces to add to my closet. I like to imagine Ms. Finney is busy working on a new collection.   Sighs, my eyes glaze over and drool begins to form at one corner of my mouth.   TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List

Hair : Rosy mood – ‘Dragee’ black

Jewels :EarthStones – Necklace & Bracelet ‘Laraine’ Diamond/Platinum

Dress : Agnes Finney – ‘Serene Romance 2’ black

Shoes : Gos Boutique – ‘Grace’ black

Pose : Lynz-Matic – ‘Spin 2’ PF13 Freebie