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Marry a outdoors woman.  Then if you throw her out into the yard on a cold night, she can still survive…W.C. Fields

I can do that…survive that is.  Communing with nature is a favorite pastime of mine and when Lost Horizon on Azumi was in the planning stages outdoor living spaces were at the top of the list.  It’s where most of my time is spent, so why not have a lot of them, right?

Rose Manson comes with a front porch, rear deck, side patio and a rear upper balcony.  Lots of outdoor living areas but…I wanted more 🙂  Pamela Galli of La Galleria includes many extras in her builds, so, between Rose Mansion and the Blue Ridge Cabin ‘My Happiness’ has come to fruition.

This is a view of the side patio.  Rose Mansion, in its original state has a small pool here, which was removed in the renovations to accommodate an area for dancing. At one time the small pool was home to my mallard ducks until the pond was complete.

Rose Mansion Side Patio

Rose Mansion Side Patio               Larger Photographs click here

The rear deck is where most of the work to connect the spaces took place. The first photo is of the seating area just off the rear entrance.

Rear deck area

Rear deck area

Another shot of the rear deck that encompasses the pool, hot tub and seating areas.  Having a pool already, extra parts were used to encase the pool and connect the outdoor living areas.

Overview of rear deck

Overview of rear deck

What I am most proud of is the side courtyard created with bits and pieces from Rose Mansion.  One enters it from either the front yard or off the rear deck. Though quite large (this is only a partial view), it allows for several seating areas, multiple plantings and a massive dance/party area.  Okay, okay, Dusty and I dance….a lot 🙂

Side Courtyard

Side Courtyard

The upper balcony overlooks the rear deck.  Originally having a stone wall/railing, it was removed and pieces from the Blue Ridge Cabin were used to create a new open railing.

Upper balcony

Upper balcony

Now, if Dusty ever decides to toss me outside in the yard, there are plenty of areas to rest my head.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List

1st Photo

La Galleria : Wicker Seating Set, Wicker Dining Set, Wall Fountain

Luna Bliss : Window Box Plantings Long

Hanging Baskets of Flowers  : NLA

Finishing Touches : Planter below hanging flowers – Chamaerops palm in rimmed                                    planter  ‘Neutral Stripes Glazed’

Roawenwood : Hydrangea plantings at window – Part of the Hydrangea Couples                               Garden Set

~*Forest Floor*~ – Orange Tree

2nd Photo

Patio Passion : Black Wicker Sofa/Chaise Seating Set – NKA

Depoz : Concord II Outdoor Fireplace

Head Hunter’s Island : Rubber Bush Planter, Red Hibiscus Planter

Dreamscapes Decor : Winter Green Ivy Wreath, Flower Pots 5

~*Forest Floor*~ : Potted Topiary Lilac Azaleas

Kelly’s Garden : Red Hibiscous

WaterMoon Breeze : Big Brass Wind Chimes

Harry’s Houses : Cannes  Patio Table and Loungers

Luna Bliss : left side of photo – Potted Lily and Clover Group

Heartwood Creations : Purple hanging basket

Tropical Lemon Tree : NLA

3rd Photo

Harry’s Houses : Bahamas Pool, Benidorm Jacuzzi, Benidorm Parasol, Cannes Patio Table and Loungers

K.R. Engineering : Greedy Table

4th Photo

Alouette : sofa, chairs tables – Tropical Getaway Arcade Gacha June Round –  Gacha available in store now

La Galleria : Ice Blue and Peach Floral Vine Sculpted Rug, Magazine Stack for Table

Luna Bliss : Magic Roses, Magic House Plants

Kelly’s Garden : Red Hibiscus

Heart : Victorian Wrought Iron Hearts Screen Red Roses, Flowers – Blackeyed Susans, Wild Fairy Wands, Wild Flowers, Devils Bottle Brush, Iris, Wild Garlic Mustard, Foxgloves, Wisteria Sinensis Tree – Lilac Blue

EarthDwellings : On table – Ceramic Candle Trio

5th Photo

La Galleria : Roll Arm Wicker Set with MLP and Fabric Change Pillows – includes : Sofa, Loveseat, Coffee Table, End Table, Lamp, Basket of Sea Shells, Ceiling Fan (not shown), Brass Planter with Shefflera, Palm Border Sisel Rug  Planter in foreground – Brass embossed Planter2

Reflection Picture Frame :  Wood Deluxe Set 30 styles

Artwork :  ( Big Cats) real life photo, gift from dear friend

Carved Fish Table : Up against Window – gift from a dear friend

The Dreamer Creations – Suspended Chair