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500 Nations

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This room formerly known as the ‘Media Room’, has had a complete makeover. While I was setting up to photograph last week I discovered the TV no longer worked.  Rather than photograph as it was, it gave me an excuse to do some redecorating.

Very few original pieces remain that were housed in this room. Gone is a monster of a TV (wasn’t used that much anyway) and now it houses all things Native American. Newly purchased is the soft, supple leather seating set from La Galleria that anchors the room.  I do love how Pam’s furniture fits into a variety of decorating styles. Come on in and sit a spell.  Boots are allowed on the furniture.  No spurs though:P


Most of the accessories pertaining to my Cherokee heritage I already had. The rest of the accessories are plains and southwestern influences but it all seems to work well together.  I did spend a large amount of time looking through the catalog Market Place and Tp’ing to this place and that to look at things in person. Some knicky knacks purchased right off MP were a pleasant surprise and are placed about the room.  You just never know sometimes unless you are familiar with the designer but, that is the chance you take.  It is catalog shopping after all.


A while back when I was at The Nest sim just wandering, I found a sweet little shop called Zinnia’s.  Her designs are southwestern inspired and I bought several pieces that are showcased here. I also bought a few things at the 24 event from Zinnia’s, one being the rocking chair which is produced in a limited amount of 100. The 24 event runs through Saturday August 31. More than just home & Garden, they also have men’s and women’s apparel and poses.   Direct Link HERE


Though there are quite a few accessories about, but with the room being large it does not feel cluttered in the least.  Now I have to do credits… Maybe I should have gone for minimalism ? TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List :

Photo 1 background and photo 2 :

La Galleria :

Black Leather & Walnut Burl Living Room Set – Mesh – Can be purchased separate

Squared Antique Brass Lamp – Mesh

Bronze Horse Statue

Magazine Stack for table

Village Pottery #1 – Mesh

Hanaya :

Nana’s Ivy Plant

Zinnia’s :

Nevada Cow Skull

Mexican Basket

Kiva Spirit Ladder with Cactus

Tartessos Art’s :

BoHemian Cactus

The Spirit Lodge :

Native American Drum

Market Place : Links Below

Native Pride Pottery

Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper

Cougar Tapestry 1

Drum Wall Hanging

Native American Peace Pipe

Inlaid Turquoise Mandala

Native American Bow Art

Cherokee Alphabet Clay Plate

Ceramic Candle  Medicine Wheel

Area Rug :

Texture by

Photo 3 back ground and photo 4

Zinnia’s : Left to Right

Basket of Geranium’s

Shinto Stool from Booklovers – Copied and recolored

Casa de Verano hassock 24 event gift

Casa de Verano Potted Yucca

Casa de Verano Dracaena

Shinto Stool for book lovers

Casa de Verano Rocking Chair limited edition at 24

Easter Eggshell Cactus – MP

Nevada Belted Mirrors

Mesa Cube Pouffe in Red – Gacha at 24

Neo Urban Yucca

La Galleria :

Antique Wood Letter Box

Fireplace and Tools – From Vintage Kitchen Set

What Next :

Laurel Log Basket

EarthDwellings :

Autumn Leaves Floating Candles

Incense Cone – Silver and Turquoise

Vespertine :

Songbirds Turquoise – Arcade Gacha June Round – Gacha in store now

Tee*fy :

Feather headdress RARE – Arcade Gacha June Round – Gacha in store now

Feather Crown Headband RARE – Arcade Gacha June Round – Gacha in Store now

Market Place : Links Below

Cactus – Yellow Sunshine

Native American Flags Deluxe Pack – Cherokee Used

Native American Hunting Spears

Native American Wedding Vase Red

Native American Flute

Aileen’s Native Hanging Quilts Fat Pack

Cactus Purple Rain