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D!va B-4 RARE   The Arcade Gacha Event

D!va ‘Giz’ B-4 RARE The Arcade Gacha Event

I made it into the Arcade Gacha Event last night and first machine I headed to was the D!va Gacha.  I so wanted this hair and would have been happy with the regular Onyx, which I did get and then on the next pull got the RARE!  It has bows in it with a plethora of color options.  Needless to say, I quit while I was ahead…on the D!va machine that is 🙂  The 1st Anniversary of the Arcade Gacha Event runs through the end of this month so you have time to grab your must haves.

While setting up for this shoot I received a e-mail via my phone that Strawberry had a new Meme Challenge posted.  It’s all about windlight and since I love playing with windlight settings I decided to incorporate it here in this post.

Meme instructions: Answer the following questions about windlight settings and share some that you’ve created yourself. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in this meme’s comments.

1. Do you use windlight while taking pictures? If not, why not?  I did not even know about windlight until I started using the old Kirsten’s viewer over 2 years ago.  Now I can’t imagine taking a picture without it.

2. When taking a closeup snapshot for a profile picture, which windlight preset do you use most often?  I really don’t have a go to windlight.  It depends on the setting, outfit, etc.  I play around with them until I get the look I am going for.  I use the Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim windlight for everyday, which is also used in the above photo, just tweaked a tad. You can see a larger photo here.

3. Which windlight presets do you use for full body portraits?  Again, it depends on the look I am going for.  Of course this takes me longer to put up a post as a couple of hours may be spent going through the windlight settings but I don’t mind.

4. If you do landscape photography, which windlights do you use for that most often?  Landscapes are really enjoyable for me.  This includes my home & garden posts as well.  I can go all out with light and shadow playing.  There is not any particular setting used as I go through a lot of them  and I play with all the sliders until  the look/mood feels right.

5. Do you have any tricks or tips that you could share for using Windlight effectively?  LOL. Me? Lord, I am still learning from all you young whipper snappers and to tell you the truth it is a lot of fun.  Heads up all you fellow bloggers…I stalk read a lot of your blogs/tutorials.

6. Have you created any windlights that you would be willing to share with us?  I wouldn’t even know how to begin to do that lol.  Have you got a tutorial on that one Berry?  If I  EVER get to that point I most certainly will share.

Cougar’s Shopping List :

Hair: D!va – Giz B-4 Rare for Arcade Gacha Event

Jewelry: EarthStones – Diamond Studs ‘Pear’ , Laraine Necklace ‘Diamond/Platinum’