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If I had my way, I’d wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else…Jada Pinkett Smith

EarthStones - Addison Regal Gold With Emeralds

EarthStones ~ Addison Regal Gold for The Liaison Collaborative  ~ The Boutique

My name is Cougar Sangria – Strait and I am a ‘Stoner’…hopelessly addicted to EarthStones jewelry.  Like some that are addicted to skins, not mentioning any names, ha-ha, you know who you are :P, I can’t get enough of Abraxxa Anatine’s creations. Every time a notice is sent out in group of a new jewelry set, five will get you ten that it is going in my inventory…eventually.

When at The Liaison Collaborative’s ‘The Boutique’ round this past week there was no hesitation on my part for the Addison jewelry set.  There are three different stone styles.  You may opt for Frost, with fresh icy hues; or Spice with its warm autumn tones, or maybe Regal, packed with classic gems might be more your style. I couldn’t decide so I got the Fatty Pack 🙂  Five different stone options and 2 metal changes makes for 30 different sets.  WOOT!  I love a good bargain!

The Boutique runs through October 10th.  Now, to dig through my closet and find a great pair of heels…I feel the need for a walkabout.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List :

Vanity Hair : Minerva blacks

EarthStones : Addison Regal Gold with Emeralds…available at The Boutique