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Yes the title of this post is unabashedly a take from Star Trek the first movies.  I have been, and always shall be a Trekkie… 🙂

Now before I came to Second Life, I had seen pictures of friends showing all that you could see and do.  One of those pictures was of a friend with a huge tiger as a pet. I thought how cool it would be to have a cougar as a companion. Once rezzing into to Second Life no cougars could be found.  Being the cougar is my spirit/totem animal, I went so far as to contact a couple of well-known creators in hopes they would consider adding them to their list of animals. No such luck.  I had pretty much given up hope of ever having these beautiful animals when I happened upon them quite by accident.


Wehali (Eagle) proud papa to be

Two weeks ago I was going through all my landmarks, deleting those that were no longer current.  I had just landed at one of the destination landmarks when all of a sudden I was pushed out-of-the-way by something.  As I zoomed my camera out and everything rezzed I could see huge cats everywhere.  As I stood there watching them I noticed that some looked like cougars.  I thought…fat chance..dream on Cougar.  Then one came closer and I wondered, if I click on it can I get information?  OMG! OMG! OOOOMMMMGGGG!  IT IS A COUGAR!!!

Female Cougar

Walelu (Hummingbird) expecting

I am not joking when I say tears filled my eyes.  I was over come with such joy! “They are just pixels Cougar”, I said to myself, “just pixels”, but what a beautiful sight! Cougars in Second LIfe! I stood there, mesmerized for the longest time, just watching them and then physically shook myself back to reality. I got to have one of these!


Kamama (Butterfly) lounging in the tree by Heart Garden

I proceeded to do a search without much success, finally finding the correct group (probably so cited I entered a lot of typos).  I knocked on the group door and proceeded to ask a few questions.


Coats of different colors

WK Wild Kajaera is the brainchild of KAy Rembrandt, JAEd Cartier and RAndom Niveana.  Not only are there cougars; but tigers, panthers, cheetahs, jaguars and soon to be lions.  Yes these big cats are breedable, but they are so much more.  I have watched these cats for the last two weeks and I am blown away by their distinct personalities.  I have witnessed them chasing mice, climbing trees, running, stalking, pouncing, leaping, catching fiddies in the water, lounging on a raft, swimming, carrying their fluffy stuffies (aka happy teddies), pawing at the bird that teases them, play with a ball, and allowing my presence to witness it all, though sometimes they do get a little pushy 🙂

Cougar with her cougars

Cougar with her cougars

A huge thank you to Kassidy Jameson for all the landmarks, Ms. OMG WTF (lol) for additional landmarks and the gift of a cougar.  To Tala (sissa.aries) and Dawn (Dawnrenee) for the cougars, information and landmarks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  To Kay and Jaed for the welcome and information. Rest assured ladies these cats are well-loved. Your kindness has not been forgotten. Very seldom am I brought to tears but that night I cried like a baby. You have enriched my Second Life ten fold. I even went and bought 2 more for a total of 6 cougars on the sim.  I got to make it a even 7 cause that is my lucky number 🙂

I see you little mouse

Tivdatsi (Cougar) on the run

I have given each one a name in Cherokee and have devoted a section of Lost Horizon, Azumi to just the cougars, close to waters edge where I can just sit and watch them. Not sure I will ever tire of that. Plans are to showcase the cougars in posts from time to time since they are my namesake..but that is another story hehehe.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List:

Vanity Hair: 2cute4u2 – black

erractic: mindy t-shirt – plain white

ryvolter: boyfriend jeans – dark 01 – store is closed for maintenance

FoReVeR: sneakers – black

WK Wild Kajaera: Cougars and other big cats

Heart Garden: Great Oak WK Wild Kajaera Cats Summer Hangout – available in Autumn and Winter as well