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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower…Albert Camus

Indian fry bread cooked over an open fire in huge black kettles, home-made spiced apple butter and real honest to goodness butter butter to smother it with.  Craft shows out the wazoo, the annual Fall Festival and camping in the great outdoors. That is what Fall means to me.


Botanical in the Fall

Berry’s Meme this week is all about Autumn/Fall.

Meme Instructions: Take an autumn inspired picture and/or answer the following questions about autumn. Don’t forget to leave your links in the comments of this post and if you take an autumn picture, please add it to the Blog Memes flickr group. Thank you! ❤

1. Is Autumn your favorite season?  Why or why not?  No it isn’t.  While I love the display Mother Nature puts forth this time of year, I am not looking forward to what comes after.  If I could find an area that had just 3 seasons that did not include winter I would be a happy camper.

2. Do you call it Autumn or Fall?  In my neck of the woods it is called Fall.  Never known it as anything else.

3. What kind of weather does your area get during this season?  Right now it is 72 degrees and raining. High’s this week in the 80’s with low’s in the 60’s.  By next week the high’s are forecasted to be in the 60’s with low’s in the 40’s with a chance of rain.  Gags.

4. Which color do you always associate with Autumn? Can’t pick just one. Having many oaks and maples in the area I think of gold, red and orange amongst the green of the pines and holly trees.

5. Which Autumn theme sim is your favorite at the moment?  I don’t really have a favorite Fall themed sim.  I have visited so many beautiful ones.  If I had to pick just one it would be Calas Galadhon Park, because it reminds me of Brown County that is just a hop, skip and a jump from my home.

Cougar’s Shopping List:

Rosy mood: Dragee black

EarthStones: Lora Necklace ‘sunstone gold’, Flower for Sway bracelet

Maitreya: Nolita dress ‘Olive’

Bax Coen: Prestige Boots ‘Black Suede’