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is not necessarily gold. Sometimes it is silver sparklies.

Just a side note here…While typing up this post this song was playing on my YouTube.  It is from the 1967 film ‘A Countess From Hong Kong’. Written, directed and composed by Charles Chaplin. Sung by Petula Clark.  Enjoy 🙂

Gizza's 'Elie" Limited Edition of 50

Gizza’s ‘Elie” Limited Edition of 50

I had every intention of just getting a sweater…really I did,  but umm, I had to pass right by this gown that ‘Giz Seorn‘ of Gizza placed right in my way to the mesh department.  Sneaky Giz, really sneaky 🙂  Now tell me,  how could I pass this up?

It said 50/50.  Sold Out?  How did I miss it?  Then it dawned on me, “no Cougar there are 50 available”.   Duh! “WooHoo..first to buy one”, I says to meself giggling with delight.

Promptly went back home, got duded all up and headed to Franks Elite for some pose time.  Bypassing the ballroom I headed to the back.  With lovely music playing in the background setting the mood, I put myself to busy mode and started playing with windlight 🙂

Elie without the cloak

Elie sans cloak

‘Elie’ is a complete ensemble, including necklace, earrings, and tiara.  While the top is system, the skirt and cloak are mesh (some of the peeps in my builders groups are calling system and mesh together a Hybrid). I LOVE IT!!!  What is especially nice about this gown is the prim layer of silver sparkles.  I love the way it sways. Dang it! This is just downright G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S and I want to dance and dance in it!

After finishing the shoot I did spend some time in the ballroom dancing…by meself I might add.  Now ladies, if you have no partner and you are all dressed up and want to dance, this is an open invitation.  If Dusty is not on give me a shout and I will gladly be your date.  We can go dutch 😛  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List :

Gizza: Elie – Complete ensemble – Limited Edition of 50

Amacci Hair: Rina black coal

Manifeste: Model Pose 209