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The Fade

The Fade – Five Star Accommodations..maybe 1 star?

Being a creature of habit I tend to visit the same regions over and over again. Friday I made up my mind that I was going to go to places I have never been to before.

I turned to the destination guide and looked at all that was offered, foregoing the adult regions…for now 🙂  “Well this one looks interesting”, I said to myself. I grabbed the TP, moved a bit from the landing area and waited for all to rez.

The Fade

The Fade – Home Sweet Home…help yourself to some fleas

WHOA!  Not the kind of region I usually visit, that’s for sure lol.  I am a garden lover.  This was like post apocalyptic.  Everywhere I looked was desolation.  It gave me the heebie jeebies and I had the distinct feeling of creepy crawlies on my neck. Thinking to myself, “Cougar, you should not be here”, I was just about to hit the back button when I saw the billboard.

The Fade will close for good on Oct. 4 12pm SLT.  I looked at the lower right corner of my computer and the date was 10/4.  “Well maybe a quick look around”, I said looking over my shoulder wondering if I was gonna be grabbed at any moment.  I wound up spending almost 2 hours on The Fade taking photographs, some of my best work to date I think as far as landscapes go.

The Fade

The Fade – Going Nowhere..this is what life in the fast lane will get you

Tis a shame so many regions are closing, to be gone forever.  I am going to make a concerted effort to visit a ‘new to me’ region at least once a week and take photographs.  Now imagine my glee when I read PurpleButterflyLykin’s  post today about a new challenge.  Read all about SL-Travel 52 Challenge here.  

Have a Beautiful Sunday!  TWMA 🙂