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Lost Horizon, Azumi  Beachside

Lost Horizon, Azumi ~ Beachside

I posed this question to Cougar in regards Berry’s ‘Your Avatar’s Private Life’. The following is her reply…

My dear creator…When you log on my heart races with excitement as I think of the places you will take me to today.  With you in the driver’s seat we cross the grid in search of beautiful regions spending hours taking photographs. Together you and I seek out the latest fashions to dress me up in, and then spend hours demoing, sorting, filing, and packing things away. We work side by side digging in the dirt placing a tree here; moving a bush there.  We scour home furnishing stores in search of that perfect piece of furniture or knicky knack.  If that was not enough you make me stand or sit for hours holding a certain pose so you can get “the perfect shot” for our blog.

To be quite honest my dear creator…You exhaust me!  When you log off I want nothing more than to sit quietly in my solitude and just think about the wonderful day I just spent with you and dream where you will take us tomorrow.   TWMA 🙂

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Cougars Shopping List:

Rosy mood: Dragee Black

Vogue: Dracy Nightie Black

GOS Boutique: Barefeet Flat

*** The pose I am using is from the single female sits already in the sofa.  I used my Animare Pose & Animation System HUD to tweak Cougar’s left forearm and then set my camera to auto refresh and took a few shots. While it is not perfect I am pleased with the way it turned out and will be experimenting more with this.