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Chrome, she can see herself in the shiny grill and the
Wire wheels of a red Chevelle with four on the floor and the top down

Chrome, zippin’ by on an Electra glide
With dual tail pipes doin’ 105 in the broad daylight
On a two-lane headin’ outta town

Forget pink and purple paisleys
Little mellow yellow daisies
Ain’t no pot of gold in her rainbow
Her favorite color is chrome

Jaz Outlaw - Custom

Cougar’s Majestic Outlaw – Jaz Custom Bikes

Lately I have been getting inspiration from songs I listen to so I am just gonna go with the flow 🙂

The bike was a gift from my partner Dusty. Having a Harley in 1st life he asked, “if you ever had a bike what would it look like”?  A few weeks later he presented my dream bike to me on one of many anniversaries we celebrate. Taking the Iron Outlaw male bike (female bikes just don’t fit this tall frame), Jaz Custom Bikes made my dream bike a reality; virtual world reality that is.  It’s a lot of chrome for this chicky to handle but I got it all under control…most of the time lol.

The bike is equipped with a HUD for riding and has several single and couple animations (I am using the bike’s single animations in the first and third photographs).  You are able to change  the paint color if so inclined but being this is a custom job, why would I want too?  The rims can also be changed but again I like it just the way it is.

Jaz Custom Bikes does a lot of custom work, and has bikes in  a rezzer so you can try them all out before purchasing.  The sim is biker friendly and you are able to rez out your bikes and ride as I do whenever I get the urge to feel the wind in my hair. The sim is nicely laid out  so even a beginner (like me 🙂 ) can navigate the road and the landscaping is done very well.  Just remember to pick up your rezzed items when you are done.


I have been experimenting with poses more, using my Animare Pose & Animation System, tweaking a pose here and there to get it to work for a shoot.  I have a lot to learn but having fun while doing it.


The hair I am wearing from [Lelutka] was purchased a while back. The way the hair softly lies on the shoulders and flows down the back is the main reason I bought it but alas the front was giving me issues, and I wasn’t really sure if I liked the look until I paired it with my EarthStones Hemp Hair Beads. BINGO!! It gives me the ethnic look I love so well 🙂

The jeans are my favorite system jeans from Muism which unfortunately no longer exists.  Sad face here.  They are my go to jeans to wear with my favorite boots which are the Bax Coen Prestige Boots. Just waiting for them to bring out the knee boots in mesh. Which reminds me, I need to go scope the store out again lol.  I’ve topped the outfit off with one of my favorite classic shirts from coldLogic, and of course I am wearing EarthStones jewelry.  DUH!

Okay, I have blabbered enough for today.  Thanks for stopping by and do take some time to feel the wind in your hair today.  On second thought, be safe and wear a helmet please.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List:

[Lelutka]: Vibrato ‘ironhotcake’

coldLogic: clark ‘white’

Muism: Straight Damaged Jeans/dark rinse1

Box Coen Boots:  Prestige Boots ‘black suede’

EarthStones: Hemp Hair Beads ‘Breeze’ , Cayuse necklace & bracelet ‘turquoise’, Mo Chusile Bridal Set ‘Platinum’, Mosaic Stone Ring ‘Jubilee’

Candy Nail: Clear Glitter French Pink Nails

Jaz Custom Bikes: Cougar’s Majestic Outlaw ‘Custom’

Manifeste: 2nd Photo  Pose from Cleanup 2011 sale ‘NLA’

LilyPily: Cougar Ring ‘NLA’

Tuli: Claire ‘bronze’ skin (only available in lighter tones right now…keeping my fingers crossed there will be an update soon)