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I have taken the liberty of copying the following from this website.

The mythical land of Shangri-La is the novelist James Hilton’s fictional account of the legendary Tibetan paradise Shambala. In Hilton’s 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, he changes the name of the paradise to Shangri-La. This lost Tibetan paradise is a valley cut off from the world. The wisdom of the human race is being conserved there against the threat of imminent catastrophe. Hilton’s novel was turned into a hit Hollywood movie and the name Shangri-La came to mean a lost paradise.

Sitting on a plateau surrounded by mountains at 6,500 elevation, my beloved Lost Horizon enjoys a temperate climate year round and I refer to it as the land of eternal spring/summer.

Lost Horizon is now open for  early preview before opening to the public on November 29th.

You are free to rez whatever you need for pictures until the 29th with no time limit. Then it will open to the public and I will allow a 30 minute limit before items are returned to you.  Keep in mind it is a no fly zone.  You need to walk the region to really enjoy it.

I am allowing all to tour the main house  as well. Just  keep in mind it is a private residence and refrain from clicking anything that might be mature in nature on the region. As I said in my previous post there are some areas that are incomplete but as I find the things I am looking for it will all come together.

On Sunday the 24th at 2 PM SLT my good friends Pirate and Beth will be spinning tunes for your listening pleasure.  Single and couple dances will be provided and dress is casual.  I would love to have you drop by.

Lost Horizon will remain open until December 30th when it will revert back to a private region. I look forward to welcoming you to my beloved Lost Horizon. TWMA 🙂

Here is your taxi: Lost Horizon, Azumi