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La Galleria Vintage Kitchen

La Galleria Vintage Kitchen

They say the heart of a home is the kitchen.  I know this to be true in 1st as everyone seems to gravitate to this one room upon arriving for any social gathering, especially during the holiday season.

This past weekend was spent baking with my girls and this year my fourteen year old granddaughter asked to help.  Since I can not refuse my grandchildren anything the baking lessons commenced.  I supervised as my girls measured, mixed and baked. Seems the best memories are made in the kitchen as well as my girls began to chatter about how I let them help with the cookie baking when they were little tykes.  We had the best time and plan to get together for more cooking lessons. Over 60 dozen cookies were baked, and we are not done. There is still fudge, hard candy and divinity to make. Needless to say I will be on a sugar high for the next few weeks.


I have heard it said that kitchens are useless here in Second Life, but I can not imagine a home without one (for me anyway).  As I have blogged about Lost Horizon and Rose Mansion, the post links have been sent to Pamela Galli of La Galleria.  She was insistent that I choose something for my home and not taking no for an answer Pam offered to send me a new mesh kitchen.  “Just pick out the one you want and let me know” she said.  I settled on the Vintage Kitchen and it was a wise decision. Life time updates are included with all of her MESH kitchens.



The wood tone (I believe it may be oak) blends nicely with the retextured walls. This kitchen has so many accessories you can add or take away depending on your prim/land impact needs or personal taste.  Needless to say this kitchen is chocked full of accessories eye candy. You have a couple of choices for counter tops too. There are several areas that rezz items, some with animations included.


The cupboard doors open and though you can’t see the pieces I have placed inside very well, I know they are there. The shelves are well stocked with homemade jams and jellies, hot chocolate is simmering on the stove and the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven wafts throughout the home.


The desk set is an option you can purchase and a wise investment for me.  My cookbook is handy and lo and behold it is the cookbook bible I have in 1st.  My laptop is always ready to search for that elusive recipe.  OMGosh!   How did we ever manage without the world-wide web lol ?  My ever-present cup of tea is nearby. Okay,  it’s a cup of coffee but this is SL so I can pretend 😛  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

Everything mentioned below “IS NOT INCLUDED” with the Vintage Kitchen from La Galleria

Cougar’s Shopping List:

Photo 1

Trompe Loeil: Bird on a stick, Star on a stick – Current Arcade Gacha Event

What Next: Laurel Cottage Kitchen – Wall Clock

La Galleria: Pine Cone & Fir Twig Wreath

Photo 2

Pixel Mode: Gingerbread men on baking pan, Pastry bag with Gingy – RARE, stacked baking pans, cookie cutters, flour bowl, egg bowl – Current Arcade Gacha Event

-tb-: Baking – RARE – Current Arcade Gacha Event

What Next: Laurel Cottage Kitchen – Cookbook

The Loft: Steel fruit basket

Photo 3

Tia: Pine cone pots, Let it snow blocks – In Store Gacha

Dutchie: Wine bottles, Philodendron Full, Green Flax

Half-Deer: Carved Woodland Trees, Carved Woodland Animals – Past Arcade Gacha Event

La Galleria: Tiny Colorful Christmas Tree, Christmas Greeting Quilt on Rod (not sure if this quilt is still available), Mohogany rocking chair

What Next: Tiny house lanterns

Apple Fall: Wood Stock – Past Arcade Gacha Event

Winter Loxely of Potomac Homes: Home Sweet Home Wall Hanging – NLA

(:amuse:): Blackbeard’s Sangria

[DDD]: Pine Cone Voltive Candles

Photo 4

What Next: Laurel Cottage Kitchen mixing bowl, teapot, tea towel, chopping board, Jam’s & Jellies

-tb-:  Scale cream – Current Arcade Gacha Event

Atelier Visconti: Epoque Jam Jars – Christmas Expo available till the 15th of December    Mainstore LM included

Pixel Mode: Kitchen Jars – Current Arcade Gacha Event

Stand by: Instant coffee – Coffee bags, antique coffee mill and coffee maker (Past Arcade Gacha Event)

Vespertine: Strawberry, apricote and apple jams

Photo 5

La Galleria: Pink sculpted flower, Coral sculpted flower, Sanseveria in pot – Table top version, Vintage Oak kitchen desk

The Loft: Aloe in mini pot

Ispachi: Erin Shelf white

What Next: Laurel Cottage Kitchen blackboard

LISP: Herb Planter

Aria: Oolong Teacup planters – Past Arcade Gacha Event