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Dear Santa Baby,

Psst…It’s me again, Cougar. We need to talk. I wrote to you earlier this year but circumstances have changed so I need to revise my wish list.  As you well know I have always been a good girl, but, these past couple of months I have taken a fall from grace.  You know what I am talking about…winks*

Santa Baby5

Photographed at Lost Horizon, Azumi ~ Christmas Music Link

I am sure my name has found its way onto that naughty list of yours this year, prolly right up there at the top in big bold letters even. That’s okay though, cause I am having a good time and to be honest it feels good to be naughty in a good way.

Santa Baby3

Bats my eyes at you seductively as a hint of a smile crosses my lips and I think to meself, “I sure would like to cuddle up with you in that red suit of yours.  Is there enough room for two”?  Okay so my emoting needs a little work.  Okay, okay, it needs a lot of work !  But Santa baby I am learning and that is the most important thing. Right?

Santa Baby

It’s a long shot I know but I am sending my updated wish list to you. Please disregard the former letter that I sent to you and if you find I deserve to be placed on the good list again, send these instead 🙂

Santa Baby1

Yes, this is a blatant gratuitous asset shot.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl must do.

Cougar’s Christmas Prezzie List:

Does not need anything in 1st, as I have everything I need.  Items below are for my Second Life 🙂 I know you have been peeking Santa Baby 😛

1. Slink appliers for my skin. I drool over the shoes and nails that are being made and just sigh and move on. No I don’t want a new skin.  This one has me written all over it.   There are lolas appliers for it now (we won’t even go there as when I put them on I grabbed a wheel barrel just so I could maneuver around the sim).  Back into storage they went.  Just feetsies and handsies appliers will do nicely Santa baby. I know it takes time to make those, so sometime next year will do. See?  This good girl gone naughty can be patient. That has to count for something? Right? Grumbles…well it should.

2. I need this.  The penis dance pole just ain’t cutting it Santa baby. No explanation forthcoming on this one or a photo either. You already know..winks*

3. I need this too. I enjoyed my first ever lap dance so much I want one of my very own. This one will do just as nicely.  A girl can’t have to many options 😛 Weeell…I need the practice Santa baby. Is that TMI?

4. A blindfold, silk ties (not the kind you wear around your neck either). Forget I asked lol.  That is TMI !

5. Lots of purdy, lacey, frilly see through lingerie.  Please include stockings and garter belts.  Okay, I am way past TMI. Just deal with it. Are those beads of sweat I see breaking out on your brow Santa baby?

Santa Baby4

Now see, that wasn’t such a long list.  I am sure you can handle this wish list as your are Da Man!  Oh, and Santa Baby, one more thing…

Santa Baby2I have decided that I am going to wait up for you this Christmas Eve.  Yes I know I should be asleep but this is an open invitation for a little R&R…You bring the chocolate and I will lay in a supply of whipped cream.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl must do 😛  See you soon Santa Baby…winks*  Love, Cougar

Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List:

EMO-tion’s: Tyra Black

Tuli: Claire Skin ‘Radiance’ Bronze

EarthStones: Lillian Set – Ruby & Emerald

Maci: Holiday Fun outfit ‘Partial Mesh’ – optional skirt and jewelry included

Bax Coen: Ankle Boot Suede Red

Candy Nail: #044 Candy Cane Mix

Zuri: Holly Leaf for Hair

Blacklace Beauty: Pout Gloss

Diesel Works: In decending order – Modeling Chair, Vixie 2, Modeling Chair, Clover 8, Vixie1, Kneeled 11