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All she wants to do is dance and make romance
She can’t feel the heat comin’ off the street
She wants to party
She wants to get down
All she wants to do is-
All she wants to do is dance

Ever have a day where you just can’t seem to get off your bootay and blog?  I have had several of those in a row it seems.  I have been busy working on cleaning out my inventory and was finding it hard to be inspired, until cleaning out my ~zSort file I came across this outfit, a Christmas gift from a dear friend. I had every intention of blogging this back in December, but, well, you know how that goes sometimes.

What I love about this outfit is that each piece is an individual purchase and each one comes with its own color changing HUD. The angled crop top has 16 color choices in a sweater knit fabric and, the side slit miniskirt has 15 colors in rayon fabric and 3 color choices in leather.  The outfit shows just enough skin and still remains classy, which is my kind of outfit. Not only creating women’s fashion, Kieren also creates men’s clothing too.  Do go have a look see 🙂


Belly up to the bar

As a Christmas prezzie to myself I splurged and bought the Bax Regency Suede boots…in the fattie pack of course 🙂  I had shied away from thigh high boots in the past as I thought they made my thighs look huge.  I am not feeling that in these. What cha think?


Something about dancing on a bar

I want to thank Harrdehar of Club Papillon for letting me use the upstairs of the club for my photo shoot.  I cut my noob teeth on clubs and it feels good to be back out among the living enjoying the music and at times participating in the local chatter. Some of my closet and dearest friends I met in a club just like Papillon. One of these days I may get up the courage and wrapped myself around one of those dance poles and do my thang…Classic Cougar Style of course 😛 In the meantime I am having fun and showing a little more junk in my trunk.   Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List:

Vanity Hair: Sunset Blvd. v2 Jet Black

Tuli Skins: Claire ‘Radiance’ Bronze

Fusion:Silver Multi Earrings

EarthStones: Belly Diamonds white Gold

Rosenwolf: Angled Crop Top, Side Slit Miniskirt

Candy Nail: Clear Glitter French Pink

Bax Coen: Bax Regency Suede Boots Fat Pack

Diesel Works: Photo 1 & 3 – Diva 13, Photo 2 – Lourdes 1, Photo 4 – Diva 18