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I love to cook with wine.  Sometimes I even add it to the food…W.C.Fields

Rucca Tease Mesh Kitchen

Bonadea Cobalt of ‘Ruca Tease’ NEW *Mesh* Kitchen release

Ruca Tease has released a new mesh kitchen and an introduction from Bumblebee landed me a review copy.  Ninety nine-point nine percent of everything I blog has been bought outright by me, so there was some difficulty at first finding a starting point for this post. I don’t know how you guys do it, so let’s just dive right in shall we?

I kept the accessories eye candy to a minimum wanting the focal point to be the kitchen itself. The kitchen comes in a rez box which allowed me to move everything into position at once.  Easy peasy.  While I used just a box to place the kitchen in, the pieces are mod/copy giving you unlimited possibilities in layouts for the kitchen space you might have.  Right clicking on various appliances and places in the kitchen allows you to prep meals, sit and eat, drink, wash dishes, peruse the fridge for goodies…you get the idea.

The one thing that was an absolute surprise for me was the cookbook.  I noticed a hover text…Click for recipe and guess what?  You get a menu and you can add your recipes to it!  First one I have seen in SL.  A really great idea 🙂  For me, the cookbook alone would have been worth buying the whole kitchen.  I have done that before with outfits I have bought.  Home and garden is no different.

Although most may feel a kitchen in Second Life is not a necessity, for me a house is not complete without one.  After all, it is the heart of the home 🙂  Be kind to one another. TWMA 🙂

The Rucca Tease Mesh Kitchen can be seen here.

Cougar’s Shopping List:

Luna Bliss: Magic House Plants

Finishing Touches: Ceramic milk jug with fire berries

La Galleria: Checkered Rooster Kitchen Rug, Embossed Tiles Plaque 1

Bazar: Memories living room plant

Ispachi: Nollaig lantern cluster 1 of 2

[Noble]: 3D wall decals – Life is a Journey, Bob Marley – These were a gacha I believe, and I checked the store and these are nowhere to be found.