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Rose Manor

Rose Manor front

Pamela Galli of La Galleria sent me the updated partial mesh Rose Manor stating I could play with this one until the Rose Mansion partial mesh update came out. I promptly rezzed this one out and began to play with it.  Pam knows me well by now I guess lol.

Rose Manor2

Rose Manor side and back view

I was excited to see a balcony now off the master bedroom and my brain immediately began to visualize all the possibilities for decorating said balcony. There is a planter with roses placed on the back deck which may become a herb/veggie garden when I receive my update.

Rose Manor Collage

New architectural details

The entryways inside and out have gotten a makeover and I have fallen in love all over again with Pam’s home designs.  The archways leading to the kitchen, dining and master bedroom have been exquisitely done. Touch the stairway post at the top of the stairs and you have the choice to rez a banister or a loft.

Rose Manor Collage2

Balcony entry off master bedroom and a new curtain control

I can imagine taking my morning tea on the balcony off the master bedroom and have started a shopping list for the things I will need.  See the switch plate in the second photo?  That is the new control located in the master bedroom that lets you control the sheerness of the curtains and each level separately.

When you receive your update or if you decide to purchase for the first time the Rose Manor comes with lifetime updates.  The update is not just the house itself but comes with a variety of items to use inside and out including fireplaces, light fixtures, planters, garden walls and so many other items to numerous to mention.

You can see and purchase the Rose Manor here.

Me?  I am heading up to my skybox and tinker with textures and modifying while I wait for my update to Rose Mansion 🙂  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂