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Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your one presence rather than the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement.  Alice Koller

Garden of Dreams11

Dawn of a new day.

There is something to be said for spending time with just me, myself and I and this is a very good thing I assure you.  Spending time immersed in thought, working on and tweaking Lost Horizon has given me a new perspective on my Second Life and the path I have chosen to travel of late.

It occurred to me looking back on my blogs about Lost Horizon’s makeover, that I failed to mention/thank all the creators used in the rebuild. Starting today I intend to rectify that, for without the creators Lost Horizon would not even exist.

Today’s post is all about the first area completed which I have christened ‘The Garden of Solitude’.

Garden of Dreams 3 Collage

Just a step away from Solitude

The entrance to the Garden of Solitude is just a short stroll over a covered arched bridge.  Here the Japanese studio kichijo by Ryu faces the east to greet the morning sun.  The studio is modify so of course I took the liberty of changing a few textures to more suit my needs.

Garden of Dreams 2 Collage

Simple Pleasures

Decor and landscaping was kept to a minimum…by my standards anyway, and let me tell you it was not an easy task for me to do.

Garden of Dreams4

Peaceful & Serene

Though the main house is complete, a goodly sum of my time is still spent sitting in various areas of the garden whilst I work on my inventory, converse with friends and even work on my blog.

Garden of Dreams1


Several items used in the decor I’ve had since rezzing into Second Life. These pieces are like old friends and evoke good memories and will always have a place on Lost Horizon.

Garden of Dreams 4 Collage


The sound of nature assails yours senses as it does throughout the region. Birds sing with joyful abandon, monarch butterflies and dragonflies float on the wind effortlessly, a crane softly calls out a greeting, white swans glide on the water barely leaving a ripple in their wake, and water…that life giving liquid, it laps at the shore or crashes against the rocky outcrops always making its presence known. How can these sounds not have a calming effect on one?

Garden of Dreams 5 Collage

Daylight fading

Heart Garden and Botanical Outdoor and Garden Design are the major landscape designers used in the overall aesthetic look of the garden but, so many talented designers were used to create ‘The Garden of Solitude’ as a whole. It is to all of these designers/creators, past and present, who work their tushies off to create things of beauty that I humbly give thanks to.  From the bottom of my heart…thank you, thank you, thank you.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

 ***I apologize in advance for the extensive list of creators but… MAN THEY ROCK!!!

Cougars Shopping List:

Photo 1

TGL (The Looking Glass):  Mystic Shores offsim decor

Photo 2

meadowWorks: Crane Sculpture corrosion

Tiki Tattoo: Curved Laurel tree

QB Yiyuan: Asian style Bridge

Botanical: Pedestal Lantern, Rustic Fishing Chair

AG (Artic Greenhouse): Terraced poppy planter

Ryu: Japanese studio kichijo

Photo 3

WaterMoon Breeze: Joy Luck Wind Chime

Zen & Serenity Shop: Shogun Stone Lantern, Tranquility Relax Pond

meadowWorks: Bronze Crane Sculpture 1 & 2

#Null: Koke Bonsai

Photo 4

Zen & Serenity Shop: Natural Inspirations Bedroom furniture & plants, Zen Escape multi sit pillows

Abadutiker: Getsuei Floor Fire

QB Yiyuan: Paper Lamp 1 Asian details

Autumn Lynagh: Fortune Cookie Combo Plate

Photo 5 – Clockwise from top left


Zen & Serenity Shop: shishi Odashi Bamboo fountain, Kamakura Pebbles & Vase decor

HQ Design Factory: outsim reef D & A, sculpted waves & foam

Crazy Garden: Bougainvillea potted


Schadenfreude: Chibi Cats – Lucky, Fortune, Happy (past Arcade gacha)

The Loft: Nukumari Doll – Warmth (past Arcade gacha)

Apple Fall: Cherry Blossom Branches

Pilot: Floating Torii Gate (past Arcade gacha)

Ohmai: Lucky Pig (past arcade gacha)

AG (Artic Greenhouse): zen garden desktop


Cheeky Pea: Eastleigh yoga mat

Zen & Serenity: sakura Buddha

EarthDwellings: Bamboo Planter A

elate!: Origami Paper Crane

MB creationZ: Potted Bonsai

DH Creations: Japanese white lantern, Kuwa wood side table

AG (Artic Greenhouse): zen stacked rock v2


AG (Artic Greenhouse): Deadwood Juniper Bonsai

Aura: Singing bowl

Zen & Serenity Shop: Kenso incense

Photo 6

AG (Artic Greenhouse): Zen stacked rocks v1, cavernous fountain

Zen & Serenity Shop: Shogun garden swing

DH creations: Offsim Japanese Lighthouse, zen garden 6×3 meters

Botanical: Japanese Torii Gate,

Photo 7 & throughout area

Botanical: Waterlilies – Pink & White, Pond style dragonfly emitter, Hanging Capiz Lights

Heart Garden: Daisy Grass Terrain texture, Wild Cherry Trees Mature, Maldive rock forms, Golden Bamboo – delicate, Riverbank Wheeping Willow with rocks, water reed mace, common rush, sword reed, cotton grass, crested dogtail, ocean water rough

Cougar: Garden walkway pavers

Hanaya: Floating Lanterns

Real Waves: Huge waves for surfing or offsim

Animals Used

Animania: white crane, white swans & cygnet

LOLO Pet Shop: monarch butterfly