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Cougar stepped away from her Second Life addiction for a bit, which for us is a good thing…bad for Cougar, hehehe.  You see, she brought us home from L’accessories first ever themed gacha event “Timeless Romance”.  We figured out right quickly she is a gacha addict 🙂  and judging by all the packages she carted home she will be spending days opening everything up.  The girl has got it bad.

Bunny Love

Being the nosey helpful bunnies that we are, we carried everything up to no man’s land Cougar’s bedroom and couldn’t resist peeking at some of the other goodies she got.  We even tried our hand at styling.  As you can see angry bunny is not to happy that we pierced his ears.  Personally, I think he looks spiffy. Okay, so styling is not our forte’.  Sniffing out carrots is though, and we found Cougar’s private stash and had a paaaartay! Bad Cougar, very bad 🙂 We can’t prove it but we think Cougar is a major stockholder in Duracell.  Ut oh!   We hear footsteps and on that note we will say so long, and as Cougar would say “Be kind to one another”.  TWMA 🙂 “

Cougar’s Shopping List:

Atelier Visconti: Excited, Happy, Sad, Angry,Cutie RARE, Kiss RARE Bunnies – @ L’accessories “Timeless Romance” Event

no. 7: Romeo Mask – @ L’accessories “Timeless Romance” Event

Kunglers: Lexie earrings ‘Golden Onyx’ @ L’accessories “Timeless Romance” Event

PS: You will have to shop for your own carrot as Cougar is not giving up her supplier 🙂