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Baked With Love

La Galleria Valentine Cookie Preparation for La Galleria Kitchen Islands

Just in time for Valentines Day!  Pamela Galli of La Galleria has released a new add on for the mesh kitchen island and stove.

Taken from the notecard:

Touch one of the following: white cookie, rolling pin, cookie cutter, wooden spoon.
~ Say YES to accept the item into your hand (with the cookie, also accept animation permission)
~ The items will disappear from the island and appear in your hand.
~ R – Click and SIT on dough or bowl to animate.

This set, like all of Pam’s creations is very well done.  I just love her attention to detail and it’s fun too.  Now I need to get back to my kitchen and finish baking my cookies.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List:  Kitchen Island Only

La Galleria: Valentine Cookie Preparation

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