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Did you ever have one of those moments when you posted something and wished you could go back and do it over? Maybe, just maybe get it right the second time around?

Back in August of 2013 I showcased this exquisite bathroom from Tartesso Arts and after posting and subsequent visits back to the post (yeah I go back, read and facepalm a lot), I always felt the decor was kind of sparse , so I pimped it out did a do over.

The Original:

Ladies Toilet3

The Do Over:

Do Over5

Do Over Collage

Sighs, now that the do over is complete I may never leave.  Excuse me while I go take a soak.  Be kind to one another and Happy Valentines Day. TWMA 🙂

Cougar’s Shopping List:

For a list of items from the original post see here.

What Cougar is wearing above:

Maitreya: Vintage Lace Gown Overlay Part2 ‘Romantic’

DeLa: Mesh Hair ‘Lori’ Black 4

GOS Boutique: Barefeet Arched

The Bath:

Tartessos Arts: Bath Fixtures

The Loft: Shampoo, conditioner,shaving cream, towel, champagne, candles, Molinari woven stool, buds ( unlinked and copied from the Bailey Bench)

Aria: Delphine orchid vase, Delphine towel pile with orchid petals, Raquel vase with lilies

-tb-: Vanity Items ‘Toiletries’ – former Arcade Gacha June 2013 round

Maven’s: Witch Hazel Bottle, Body Lotion, Creamy Bar of Soap

Dutchie: Schefflera Tall, Aglaonema Tall, Green Flax, Philodendron Tall, Philodendron Full, Spa necessities, Stack of Towels, Bowl of Soap, Sponge

Pixel Mode: Iris RARE, Bath Bombs RARE, Cucumbers, Flower Bowl, Distressed Stool – former Arcade Gacha Sept.2013 round

Apple Fall: Body Butter Shea, Scented Candle Sandalwood – former Arcade Gacha Sept. 2013 round

La Galleria: Wicker Soap Dish

Earthdwellings: Orchid vase Solid, Orchid Vase Drippy, Incense Vertical- Silver and Turquoise

Keke: Dreamers Medicine Cabinet oils and tinctures RARE & commons – former Arcade Gacha Sept. 2013 round

Gemini Rotaru: White fur bath rug (unfortunately nothing comes up in Marketplace where I purchased this)

Mesh Plants: Single Pink Rose