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Every year I turn on my favorite morning show and sit in rapt attention as the categories for the main Oscars are announced.  Afterwards I get busy planning my own version of the Oscar Awards.  It’s not a formal soree’, actually quite informal, but we do cast our ballots and if you don’t make it to my home during the red carpet pre show, you are **** out of luck at having a shot at the grand prize, which is a container filled with assorted candies, popcorn, non-alcoholic drinks and several of the top contenders DVD’s past and present that are out in the store at the time of the televised production.  We have a lot of fun ooohing and aaahing at what the stars are wearing and sometimes smacking our heads and wondering “WTH were they thinking”?

Oscar Night

Cougar Sangria wearing Molichino with jewels by Lazuri

If ever there was a chance of going to the Oscars this is the gown and jewels I would choose to wear.   Molichino’s Rhoda gown is pure perfection and Lazuri’s Maysoon jewelry adds just the right  touch of quiet elegance I love so well.

This is also my entry for the 5th Annual Oscar Photo Contest. You can find all the information here at Around the Grid with Harper,  but hurry as the deadline for entries ends at 12:01 AM SLT on March 2, 2014.

See you on the red carpet and do be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

* Photographed at the lovely Rose Theater and Art Gallery using FS Original Windlight.

I would like to thank:

Molichino: Rhoda gown – In World store is currently closed due to a family illness.  Some items are still available on Marketplace but this gown is not one of them.

Lazuri: Maysoon  Jewelry Set

EMO-tions Hair: Tyra 2 Black

Dahlinks: Silver Glowmesh Clutch Purse (Gacha for the Jewelry and Accessories Fair 2013)

Candy Nail: Clear Glitter French Pink

Tuli Skins: Claire Radiance Bronze

Diesel Works Poses: Lourdes 6