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When rezzing into Second Life I signed up for the free account.  Having to dress in a public sandbox I quickly realized I needed my own place.  Asking one of the mentors on noob island found me quickly signing up for a premium account the second day of my SL.

Linden Home

The Meadowbrook Quad

It took me a while to figure out how to get to my house, but after a few trials and errors I got the hang of it.  Standing there on the first floor of my Meadowbrook Skylight home I felt quite the independent avie. There are fond memories of learning to navigate stairs, how to stream music, edit clothing and shape, and shop on xStreet (now called MarketPlace).

Linden Home5

Shared courtyard

The linden home gets a bad rap I think.  Granted, the plots are small and 117 prims is not a lot to work with when decorating a home.  Price wise you just can’t beat it though.  Who else is going to pay you a stipend of 300L a week? Math is not my forte but even I can do the ciphering on this one and know it’s a no brainer.

Four months after arriving in Second Life I realized 117 prims just was not enough for this prim addict, so I embarked on my goal of having a region. Almost four years later Lost Horizon has become a reality in a virtual world. Though I have always kept a Linden home, mainly to have a place to teleport to on restart Tuesdays, I haven’t done much in the way of decorating one…until mesh. It got me to thinking.

Surely now I could decorate a Linden home with more than a bed and sofa, so I set about searching for the perfect second home…my HideAway.  The Meadowbrook Quad shown above is the style I chose, and one I intend to keep.  For this reason…

Linden Home3

Protected Land

eight regions devoted to nothing but landscape and it’s all just a step out the door and around the corner.  I can’t wait to explore the area 🙂

Linden Home2

Overhead view of Meadowbrook Quad

Linden Home7

Looking at front door

Linden Home8

Looking at courtyard entrance

I am excited to start the decorating process of my diamond in the rough and have included some before photos. It is not a big space, but then again it’s not a lot of prims either lol. My goal is to use around 110 prims as I want to leave a few for rezzing packages.  Can she do it folks?  Can this prim addict decorate on a prim budget? Well she is going to give it her best shot, so stay tuned.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂