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The Urban dictionary describes a “Diamond in the rough”  as someone (or something) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them (or it) truly stand out from the crowd.


The Meadowbrook Quad overview

In searching for a new Linden home I almost skipped right over this hidden gem, but the longer I stood surrounded by empty space I began to see the potential for this diamond in the rough.  Yes, it’s a small space but it doesn’t feel small. Big is not necessarily better ya know. It has everything this single girl could want in a second home, and I bet a few peoples may just rethink their opinion of Linden homes.  Ghetto this ain’t, well, not anymore.


View upon entering – Arizona Living Room by BAZAR

My search for furniture and accessories began on MarketPlace, which is like catalog shopping for me.  Narrowing my choices down I went Inworld, my first stop being BAZAR…I went no further in my shopping expedition.  LOL, I bet the peeps in the store thought I was some kind of crazy woman, that or lost, as I kept going from one side of the store to the other trying to make up my mind on the style to purchase.  Taking a chance I decided on combining two different styles, and by golly they go together like peas and carrots.

Diamond Collage

Finishing Touches – Coffee table rezzes food and drinks

Nixing the idea of buying individual pieces I went all in for complete sets deciding that would give me more bang for my lindens.  The “Toronto” and “Arizona” series by BAZAR are used exclusively here. They are mesh so my “Land Impact” went farther than I thought possible.  Yay for Mesh!!!


Creative Space – Toronto Study and Arts& Crafts Sets

No dining room or kitchen in this space.  This is my retreat/vaca home so eating out is the only way this gal rolls while in residence here 🙂


Bedroom Area- Toronto Bedroom Series

Aaaah, the bedroom.  Have I ever stated that I loooove beds in Second Life? Yep, I sure do lol.   While I do love the cuddles, kisses and adult animations very much it’s the other animations for singles I have been paying attention to lately.  This bed from the Toronto series is all that and a Dr.Pepper and, and, is chocked full with those “other” animations too 🙂 It comes with a menu that has several color options for bed linens and woodwork as well. To say the least I am a very happy camper and twerked it on the bed when I was finished decorating.  Okay, so I only twerked it in my mind, but I was workin it 😛


Bedroom View 2

The original color of the walls were green and the floor was a much darker hue. Stepping out of my comfort zone I went for a light, airy feel. At first I had used the room divider that came with the Arizona living room set to divide the area. Realizing it left the space lacking (for want of a better word), I made a partition and textured it to match the brick work of the home.   A builder I am not, but hey the partition looks as though it was here all along.


All in all I am very pleased with how all the pieces of furniture fit into this small space and there is still room to move around everything without bumping into it. This gal has a turrible case of claustrophobia even in Second life.  And just how many prims/LI did this prim addict use?  Well my goal was around 110 prims.  I am happy to say that after all is said and done I used 111 which leaves me a few to play with 🙂  Like I said…Yay for mesh!!!!

Now you must excuse me as I am going to veg out a bit before heading off to explore the surrounding area of my HideAway, and don’t forget to stop, look and take a moment to visualize the possiblities.  You just never know when you will happen upon a diamond in the rough. Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

I would like to thank the following designers:


Toronto Bedroom Set

Toronto Arts & Crafts Set

Toronto Study Set

Arizona Living Room Set