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Enjoy it before it melts.


La Galleria and +Half-Deer+

The Enchanted Woods by Studio-Skye has been featured in several shots of mine lately.  This post is no different except a bolt on of light rays has just been released and I hope you are able to see them in the photos.


Windlight ~ Coastal Afternoon..yep my favorite here of late for outdoor shots. It has been tweaked a tad like always.

Today La Galleria and +Half-Deer+ are featured from the Home Show 2014. This bistro set from La Galleria was screaming…”put me outside!”, so I placed it under a canopy of trees. Pam’s use of textures is second to none and I am just loving the faded peony fabric on the Louis XVl chairs. The Bistro Dining table has a full brunch/lunch menu and pairs well with the Painted Shabby Dresser.   +Half-Deer+’s Birdie Ice Creamaholics  were just too cute to pass up,  so I scooped the Fatty Pack up 😛  I set up a little ice cream social of sorts on the table and the birdies went wild 🙂  I hope you enjoy. Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

I want to thank:

Studio-Skye : Enchanted Woods, Enchanted Woods Spring Flowers bolt on, Enchanted Woods Light Rays bolt on

La Galleria : Bistro Dining Table SHAYNE WHITE, Louis XVl Side Dining Chair White-faded peony, Ivory Painted Shabby Dresser

+Half-Deer+ : Birdie Ice Creamaholic Fatty Pack @ The Home Show 2014

-tb- : Tea Time Gacha – Savory Tier RARE, Tea Tins RARE, Teapot, Cupcakes

::{U.F.O}:: : I Scream, You Scream Ice Cream Gacha – Strawbear RARE, BIG Choco bear RARE, Green Tea & Vanilla cone, Kiwi Sherbet big cup, Orange Sherbert cup, Choco big cup, Strawberry & vanilla cone, Peanut cream big cup, Choco cup – all wearable  I could not find a inworld or Marketplace store but was from The Arcade Gacha  June 2013 round

Atelier Kreslo Social 2013 : Sugar’s Canadian Maple ice cream cone, daisy cookie cream cone, MishMish Maiko, !Ohmai Gingy’s Strawberry, R(S)W’s Clown Cup & Tropical Treat.  I do not think these are available anymore

LISP : Busy Bee Lantern Bee on Hook, Busy Bee Lantern Flower on Hook – both texture change

[ARIA] : Raquel vase with Lilacs-color change