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A lonely mermaid took the time 

To stare across the sea

Just hoping to find a shining star

That might set her heart so free.

A lonely mermaid fell asleep

On the beach when she found peace

For the heavens sent to her

A dream for her to keep.

Author Unknown


Garvie Garzo of meadowWorks ~ Mermaid Basking ~ for Fantasy Faire & RFL 2014

I am posting this just under the wire.  The last day for Fantasy Faire 2014 is tomorrow.  It benefits Relay for Life, a wonderful cause, and if you haven’t visited Fantasy Faire yet you are so missing out on some of the best builds I have seen to date.  Here is you ride to Fantasy Faire 2014 and it will plop you right down in front of meadowWorks.  Now go and enjoy 🙂

I have always been a fan of Garvie Garzo’s flowers and plants. Her statuary is fast becoming a favorite and each piece has found a home here on Lost Horizon.  I thought about placing this lovely mermaid somewhere on the beach, but she seems right at home there among the lily pads. No way am I going to disturb a sleeping mermaid.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂