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Garvie Garzo of meadowWorks ~ Nixie Pond~ Fantasy Faire 2014

The Nixie Pond is another creation by Garvie Garzo of meadowWorks for Fantasy Faire 2014 to benefit Relay for Life.  I am going to take the description directly from the notecard Garvie sent me:  Part nymph and part fae, they are playful little fresh water creatures conceived and designed at meadowWorks.

It’s a sweet little pond, and the beauty of it is that once you have placed the stone circle where you want it, just touch and get a menu to rez everything out.  Easy peasy 🙂 I do believe this little nixie will give my cougar’s a run for their money on this side of Lost Horizon.

BTW, Fantasy Faire 2014 ends tomorrow May 11th, so do be sure to visit all the amazing sims while you can, and just like the previous post this landmark will set you down right smack in front of meadowWorks.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂