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Perambulate ~ to travel over or through, especially on foot…

Perambulate 5


describes this region to a T.  Neat little brick buildings in rows, sitting low to the ground, blending in with the surrounding flora and fauna.  Perambulate happens to be my favorite of all the regions visited this year at Fashion For life, which benefits Relay For Life.

Perambulate 4

Walking Trail

If one was not in tune with his or her surroundings you would miss the above scene, which would be a shame, as you would miss all of this…

Perambulate 3

Perambulate 2


A perfect backdrop and excuse to dilly dally for a while and take it all in.  While I use the majority of the creators on this build, I have to admit never having so much fun clicking on everything and finding a few I was not familiar with.  Rest assured those will be visited very soon 🙂

FFL continues through June 20th, which BTW happens to be tomorrow.  The regions are very easy to navigate. Proceeds go to a very worthy cause.  What are you waiting for?  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂