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Four years ago today I rezzed into Second Life, embraced this virtual world and never looked back.  As a Rezz Day gift to myself this will be the only post this week. The rest of the week will be devoted to exploring the SL11B regions and working on downsizing my inventory…again lol.

The daisy happens to be my favorite all time flower.  The pajamas I am wearing are from Sage and can be found at the event Retail Therapy.  Everything is 50% off or more, but time is short if you want to find some great deals. Consider this your personal taxi.

Lazy Daisy Collage

ZOZ, Yummy, Blushed, PervTTe and last but not least Slink

The Arcade Gacha Event continues through the end of this month, and the daisy rings are in the Yummy machine along with butterflies, ladybugs and bees 🙂  Being new to Slink I will be the first to admit my photography skills for closeups of hands and feet need work.  These skills needed work before Slink lol.  That will go on my to do list this week.  The daisy nails are from ZOZ, picked up at FFL, now available in store. PerveTTe butterfly tat gacha and Blushed toe rings round out my feetsies decor.

Four years and I have just scratched the surface of what this virtual world has to offer.  I don’t have any words of wisdom, and there are no regrets, as each and every experience has helped to shape me into who I am today.  All I can say is…I am ready to dig a little deeper and embrace what ever comes my way…after I am done being lazy.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

I would like to thank :

Sage : Cozy PJ Set Daisy @ Retail Therapy

ILLMATIC : Frenchie Braids Black for past Kustom9 round, still not in store

EarthStones : Princess Stud earrings,

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze and makeup

-{ZOZ} : Daisy Chain Gold Polish for SLink

Yummy : Butterfly Daisies Diamond, Single Daisy Blue rings @ The Arcade Gacha Event

Blushed : SIlver Toe Rings

PerveTTe : Butterfly Tattoo for former Fantasy Faire, not found in store

Slink : AV Enhanced Casual Hands and Flat feet

Linden Labs : For creating the initial world of Second Life.  I love you guys!